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Three points to pay attention to when purchasing a trolley case

by:Huide     2021-08-12
For those who know how to buy a trolley case, those who know how to buy it will know which points should be paid attention to, and those who don’t know much about trolley cases have no idea how to choose a better trolley case, which aspects should be paid attention to. Therefore, below, the editor will tell you three points to pay attention to when buying a trolley case. Let's learn about it together. 1. case size The size of the trolley case has different specifications, and the capacity of different sizes is completely different. If you need to travel for a long time or have more luggage duffel, it is recommended to choose a trolley case with a slightly larger capacity. For short-term business trips, it is better to choose a trolley case with a smaller capacity. The more practical sizes of the trolley case are 20 inches and 24 inches. Other sizes are either too small to hold anything, or too large to hold. Therefore, When choosing a trolley case, pay attention to your own itinerary to choose a trolley duffel case that suits you.  2, trolley case material  After clarifying how big a trolley case you need, the next thing to look at is the material of the trolley case. The material directly determines its applicability, and most trolley cases are clearly marked with their main material when they are sold. If you can understand the different properties of different materials, it will also bring convenience to the purchase.   is divided according to the material. cases are usually divided into hard cases and soft cases. This is also the information that you can often see the merchants when you buy. Most hard cases have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, waterproof and pressure resistance. The hard shell material can protect the contents from squeezing and impact. The disadvantage is that the internal capacity is relatively fixed; the soft case can be used for users. Comes with flexible use of space, and most of them are light in weight and strong in toughness. 3. The quality of accessories is required for the purchase of trolley cases. There are zippers, wheels, handles and other accessories in the trolley case. The quality of these accessories largely determines the service life of the box. No matter how good the material is, the trolley case does not match. Good quality accessories can't be called a good trolley case. Therefore, when choosing a trolley case, the user should pay attention to the quality of the accessories. Customized trolley case, look for customized manufacturers! It has been fourteen years since its establishment. Not only has a certain scale of factory buildings and workshops, complete production equipment, but also has professional Ru0026D designers and skilled production masters. The quality of trolley cases is good. Guarantee and trustworthy!
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