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Three precautions that cannot be ignored in custom trolley cases

by:Huide     2021-06-16
The editor is here to tell you that the craftsmanship of custom trolley cases is far more complex than custom backpack. Therefore, whether it is a company or other groups who choose to customize a trolley case, you must pay attention to related issues before making a decision to avoid the time. Delay in customizing the plan due to related issues. Below, the editor will tell everyone about the three precautions that can not be ignored in custom trolley cases, let's learn about them together. 1. It is not the existing style of the manufacturer. If you need to re-customize the hard-shell trolley case, you need to open the mold to make the cloth trolley case. There is no need to open the mold. The mold is re-opened. At this time, the customer needs to pay additional mold-opening costs. The more complex the style, the higher the mold-opening costs. If you choose the manufacturer's existing hard-shell trolley case style for customization, the manufacturer already has the relevant molds, and the customer does not need to pay the mold opening fee, and the customer only needs to pay the cost price quoted by the manufacturer. Many customers are entangled with the mold opening fee when customizing the trolley case. In fact, no matter which manufacturer, as long as the manufacturer does not have the relevant mold, then the mold must be re-opened, and the cost of re-opening the mold needs to be borne by the customer. The manufacturer will make it clear when communicating with customers. 2. The production cycle of the trolley case is relatively long. Pay attention to the length of the customization time. The manufacturing process of the trolley case is more complicated, so the production cycle is relatively long. When customizing the trolley case, the customer must pay attention to the timing, preferably two in advance. Customization starts a month or even longer in advance. If there is any problem, it is convenient to communicate with the manufacturer in time, so as to avoid delays in the delivery due to tight time and affect your plan.  3. Pay attention to the choice of the material of the trolley case.   Trolley cases can generally be divided into soft cases and hard cases. The soft case is mainly made of canvas, nylon, leather and other materials, while the hard case is mainly made of ABS, PP, PC, aluminum-magnesium alloy and other materials. The trolley cases of different materials have different characteristics. For example, the Oxford brazil rod cases are very wear-resistant and practical, with large capacity, but not high-end, while the pc trolley cases are resistant to high temperature, abrasion, waterproof, and compression, and have a compact appearance, but they are more expensive. For custom-made trolley box gifts, attention should be paid to the quality and purpose of the trolley box, and the appropriate style should be selected within an effective budget. However, whether you choose a soft box or a hard box, it is a symbol of the corporate image, and the quality of the box is the key. At the same time, custom-made trolley gifts are best to be creatively customized according to the corporate culture. They have unique characteristics and are easier to win the love of employees. The above is the relevant introduction about the 'three precautions that can not be ignored in custom trolley casesIf the budget is not very sufficient, it is not recommended to choose a custom trolley case, as the cost-effectiveness of a custom backpack is relatively high. Of course, if the corporate budget is sufficient, custom-made trolley cases are also very good as employee benefits or corporate gifts. If you are looking for a custom trolley case manufacturer, look for a manufacturer! Founded in 2004, it is a luggage customization service provider integrating design, Ru0026D, production and processing. It specializes in customizing trolley cases for enterprises and provides a number of custom trolley cases. Its selection is your best luggage partner.
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