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Three suggestions for custom instrument bags

by:Huide     2021-06-29
The instrument case, also called the instrument toolbox, is a kind of bag body used to pack the instrument. Customized instrument luggage, luggage factory samplers, will design according to a general location and size of the instrument. For the customization of instrument bags, you can't be sloppy. Next, I have three suggestions for customizing instrument bags. One: The length, width and height of the instrument luggage. When customizing the instrument luggage, you must first have a very familiar understanding of your own equipment and instruments, and understand the basic shape parameters such as the length, width and height of the equipment, because only in this way, we are choosing the luggage manufacturer Only when the instrument luggage is customized can it be more appropriate and convenient to use the instrument.  2: The color of the instrument case  After determining the shape and size of the instrument case, we have to choose the color of the instrument case. Perhaps many people will sneer at this point, thinking it is irrelevant. In fact, this is very important in customizing instrument bags. By choosing instrument cases and bags of different colors to reflect the different uses of the instrument, it can help workers in the same department and different types of work not to take the instrument by mistake in actual work, and avoid work errors. At the same time, for practitioners in special industries and high-risk industries, the use of instrument boxes with warning colors can not only attract the attention of others, but also remind themselves to pay attention to safety at work.  三: The fabric of the instrument case    Finally, the fabric of the instrument case is selected, which is mainly determined according to the working environment of the staff and the nature of the instrument. The more suitable the fabric you choose, the more textured it is, and it will protect the instrument well. Customizing to a suitable instrument case and bag for work can also improve work efficiency to a certain extent and enable the work task to be completed safely and smoothly.  Through the above three suggestions on the selection of instrument luggage, I must have a deep understanding of everyone. More information is here! It is a comprehensive production-oriented enterprise mainly engaged in professional design, production, customization and sales of various luggage and bags. It has 12 years of luggage customization experience, mainly including luggage customization, instrument luggage customization, tool kit customization, etc. As long as you tell us your idea, we will do our best to analyze and research for you, and then realize your idea, you can also customize with drawings and samples, and support OEM LOGO customization!
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