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Tips for buying trolley cases

by:Huide     2021-08-13
The dazzling array of trolley duffel cases on the market makes many consumers picky when buying, and they don’t know which one is better. For this reason, today I will share some tips for shopping trolley cases, hoping to give Everyone brings help, let's take a look. 1. The nature of travel determines the style of the trolley case. When purchasing a trolley case, you must first clarify the nature of the trip, whether it is travel or business trip. For business travel, you should choose a simple style with a laptop or printer and easy to carry briefcases. Because of its small size, the suitcase can generally be carried with you; of course, if you are only a simple traveler, then choose a suitcase or a trolley suitcase. They can be lifted and pulled, light and labor-saving, especially for those who cannot be carried on the shoulders. , You must not add to yourself or make trouble for others during your trip. By the way, the horizontal trolley case is particularly suitable for passing through narrow aisles. 2. The length of the travel time determines the size of the trolley case. If the travel time is less than one week, then pick a trolley case that can be placed on the cabin luggage rack (the suitcase must not exceed 56cm×36cm×23cm, otherwise you must go through the check-in procedures) and A carry-on bag is enough (note whether there is a special design that can be attached to the trolley case on the back, which can be more labor-saving); if the journey is more than a week or the number of transfers is large, choose a large hard case or a horizontal suitcase.  3. Carry different trolley cases for different travel destinations   For example, you must bring a large trolley case when you go to Hong Kong, or you can also put a small trolley duffel case in the large case, because there is a paradise for shopping. If you go to France and don't bring back some of the wonderful wines? Then bring a hard case, because it can protect the contents of the case from damage when it is subjected to external shocks.   When purchasing a trolley case, you can choose the appropriate trolley case according to your needs. If you are not satisfied with the purchase, then you might as well try personalized customization, customize your own exclusive trolley case, find a trolley case custom manufacturer, look for a manufacturer! Established in 2004, it is a company integrating design, research and development, production and processing. customization service provider, specializing in customizing trolley cases for enterprises, and providing a number of trolley case customization solutions to choose from, is your best luggage duffel partner.
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