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Tips for outdoor backpacks

by:Huide     2021-08-22
The exciting National Day holiday is approaching. Many outdoor enthusiasts will take advantage of the holiday to participate in some outdoor trekking activities or extreme adventure activities, and to participate in these activities, a strong and durable outdoor backpack is indispensable. If you want an outdoor backpack to maximize its effect, you should pay attention to it when packing your items. The editor below will give you some tips on outdoor backpack packaging. Let’s get to know it quickly. 1. When equipping items, you must first distinguish between the primary and secondary. There are many items to be used outdoors, but the items should be distinguished from the primary and secondary according to the purpose of use. Common and fragile items should be placed on it, and less commonly used and pressure-resistant items should be placed on it. Below, in addition, pay attention to a stable center of gravity when packing. The center of gravity of the backpack is exquisite. Generally speaking, heavy items are placed on the top, so that the center of gravity of the backpack is higher, so that the waist of the backpack can be straight during the journey. If you want to climb the intermediate difficulty mountain, the center of gravity of the backpack must be lowered so that the body can bend through the trees. For normal walking, the center of gravity of the backpack can be close to the back. 2. Pack soft-textured items (such as hats, gloves, etc.) according to different textures to fill the gaps between large, hard, and tangible items (such as sets of pots, water bottles, etc.); and hard-textured, irregular-shaped items (Such as headlights, stove tops, etc.), it is best to put them in a set of pots, lunch boxes, etc. Water and food are placed in the middle of the backpack. Water and food have a larger proportion of all items. It is best to put water in the middle of the backpack, which makes the center of gravity of the whole backpack on the middle, so that there will be the best comfort. Clothes and sleeping bags should be placed at the bottom as much as possible. Compression bags are not recommended. It is best to put the clothes on the lower layer of the backpack, so that the space occupied by the clothes can be compressed as much as possible, and it can be easily taken from the bottom bin when needed.  3, the details are worth noting  Be sure to relax the external straps and shrink straps on the backpack before loading, so that the space inside the backpack can be fully expanded. Be sure to tighten the shrink straps after you are full of items to reinforce the items in the bag; if the backpack fabric is thin or there are more external supplies, try to use the backpack cover to protect the equipment and the bag body. Compared with the expensive backpack, it loses a few cheap The backpack cover is still acceptable. Finally, be careful not to put hard objects on the back part, otherwise, if it is an inner frame backpack, it will directly hit the back and it will be very uncomfortable, and even hurt the back when it falls; develop the habit of placing it at a fixed point: not only organize the backpack Faster, and even in the dark, you can find what you want in the backpack. Try to reduce unnecessary hanging outside the backpack, because this will not only affect the safety of the operation but also be unsightly. Taking care of your backpack outdoors is a skill and knowledge. Don’t underestimate it. If the backpack is well packed, it can not only accommodate all your belongings, but also make it easy to take out when you use it, and it can also reduce the weight of the backpack. The pressure on you requires a comfortable back to walk happily. So it seems that it’s impossible not to learn how to pack a backpack. There is so much information! If you need to customize outdoor backpacks, you can directly call our official website toll-free nationwide. Our factory, established in 2004, has 14 years of experience in making luggage duffel, whether it is hiking bags, outdoor backpacks, sports bags, etc. All accept drawings and samples design, strength guarantee, worthy of your trust!
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