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Tips for selecting and filling computer bags

by:Huide     2021-08-11
When customizing a computer backpack, the first thing to consider is the functions of the computer bag, the strength of the carrying capacity, the appearance style and other aspects; when filling the computer bag, it is necessary to load the computer bag reasonably and effectively so that the computer bag has a larger filling space , Let’s share with you the related skills of customizing and filling computer bags!    One. Tips for selecting computer bags 1. Functional aspect: Computer bags are generally divided into computer compartments and file compartments. Customized business computer bags are more considerations. The classification of documents and commercial items other than computers, business computer bags and more, also consider the protection of computers. 2. Bearing aspect: the quality of the fabric selected for the customized computer backpack determines the load-bearing strength of the computer bag, so when making the order, it is necessary to check whether the specified density of the fabric meets the standard, whether the hook strength of the bag body is qualified, and the stitching position Whether to use rivets, tacking or cross-shaped stitching methods, whether the bottom is sewn with a better nylon thread and then covered with nylon webbing.  3. Appearance: The appearance of the customized computer bag can be selected according to the company's own preferences in color, style and shape, and the way of carrying it can also be customized according to the requirements of the company, such as one-shoulder, double-shoulder or trolley duffel-style backpack. To customize the appearance of a computer bag, you only need to tell your thoughts, and a professional bag designer will listen to your needs and tailor it for you.  4. When customizing a computer bag, don't forget to choose the details of the bag. For different bag designs, it is possible to deal with different groups. Only bags that take more details into account are good computer bags. 2. Tips for filling the computer bag 1. Large and light items can be placed at the bottom, so as not to affect the center of gravity, and heavier items can be placed in the upper middle or near the back, so that the center of gravity can be close to the back to avoid There is a feeling of being pulled back. Cause unnecessary physical burden.  2. Do not put hard objects on the back part, otherwise, such as the inner frame backpack will directly hit the back and be uncomfortable. If it continues for a long time, it will cause lumbar pain and even hurt the back when it falls. In the case of an outer-frame backpack, there is only a layer of backpack cloth between the hard objects and the back frame, which makes it easy to wear the backpack cloth.  3. There is the concept of using item sorting bags. The weight of items placed on the left and right sides of the backpack should be similar to avoid the center of gravity shifting to one side.  4. It is necessary to develop the habit of placing at a fixed point. This will not only save time for packing the backpack, but also can fill up the backpack even if it is dark, but poor filling of the backpack will also affect the convenience and comfort of use!
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