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To welcome the National Day, the promotion method of the luggage factory

by:Huide     2021-05-26
Entering the end of August 2017, the National Day will come as soon as September is over. Many luggage factories have been on the front lines in the past two months and have begun to launch a new round of promotions. Now buyers are turning more holiday consumption into a rational wait-and-see attitude. So how can we mobilize the enthusiasm of buyers? Touching the hearts of buyers?    In order to attract buyers before the National Day, the sales and promotion departments of the luggage factory can be said to have their own magical powers. The promotion methods can be described as 'a dazzling array.' Consumers just do 'promote every season.' As long as it is a formal bag manufacturer with a certain number of years of experience, there will be many real cases of cooperative customers. At this critical moment, they can be re-posted on the official website. After some content changes, it is like fried overnight egg rice. Stir fry, the taste will be more fragrant.   With personalized customization, the homogeneity of the luggage market is very serious. Therefore, as a luggage factory, it is more clear about its positioning and core. Before celebrating the National Day this time, promotion in that area should be done. Those who have participated in the actual exhibition can also turn over the corporate news at this time. During the Golden National Day, many people go out to travel, such as suitcases, travel backpacks, mountaineering bags, wash bags, etc. These bags can be promoted as a focus, and the official website articles and cases are often updated, which can attract some buyers to a certain extent. Factories need to improve their marketing capabilities to win the favor of more buyers.   Good promotion can bring good sales. Only innovation is king, and luggage factories can win the favor of buyers on the basis of product homogeneity. More luggage consultation is here! Specializing in the production of travel backpacks, trolley cases, toiletry bags, etc., the luggage factory is located in Huadu, Guangzhou. Currently, there are 200 employees and provide personalized customization services. The production of customized luggage can be customized with the customer’s LOGO or related text. Embossing, embossing, bronzing, hot silver, laser, silk screen printing on products, and metal labels can also be customized. Our company has professional patterning personnel to provide design proofing, quality assurance, and trustworthy!
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