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Tool backpack custom process and characteristics

by:Huide     2020-07-03

mentioned backpack you probably are familiar with, but in the world of tool backpack, you may have some strange, general personal rarely use this kind of backpack, most of the bags are tools manufacturing enterprises according to their own products tailored backpack. Such as electrical maintenance tool backpack, designed for outdoor maintenance tool tool backpack, or emergency tools for car design tool backpack, etc. , are generally small don't cause too many people's attention. Although this bag is small, but it for backpack factory production process and requirements and computer bag difference is very big.

1。 Tool backpack custom material characteristics and computer hard backpack contrast fabric material, much as big grain 1680 d Oxford cloth or use 2250 d Oxford cloth, because the material with tough and strong abrasion resistance above the material as the toolkit fabrics preferred. Computer bag, of course, also there is a hard use, such as the saber backpack, but at the same time brings an obvious shortcoming, that is bag since the weight is higher. Computer bag as if just back tablet or laptop or everyday items are no need to such material, make computer backpack is very heavy to carry, this way of material more or less do more harm than good.

2。 Tool backpack custom is generally need not deformation and vertical stand, for the sake of the protection of the consumer, so the filler can not use computer bag commonly used materials, paper, sponge filling choose the material such as rubber sheet, hardness higher back glue, even can also be used as a filler is just the fabric itself. So that to pack will be very have stereo feeling.

3。 Tool bag, customized requires a large pull zipper head, due to the high hardness material chosen as the precondition, zipper and also must choose 8 - head Even large number 12 ( According to pack size should be appropriate to use) 。 The aim is to avoid the corner is not easy to pull.

4。 Tool backpack custom purpose of majority is loaded solid metal tools, all in the material choice, of course, not the same as the computer bag, computer bag to protect the computer and everyday items are not contained in the wear and tear with d - 200 300 d nylon fabric, material is soft and smooth. Tool backpack, on the other hand, in order to guarantee the durable nature of a backpack in the material with hard material, more choice of living and fabrics of the same material as the material, can increase the thickness and hardness of the backpack and can guarantee the wear-resisting.

in fact, every kinds of backpacks for bag factory production has its unique characteristics, making up has its unique technology. So across species backpack made very test factory production capacity and production experience.

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