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[Toolbox customization]Those things about toolbox customization

by:Huide     2021-09-17
Tool bag customization is more specific, because the shape, performance, and fineness of each tool are different, so the requirements for tool bags are also very different. Today, I will briefly talk about those things about tool bag customization. Get up and understand. 1. The communication link is very important. Take the previous case of tool case customization as an example. Most tool case customization customers do not have a sample version. Manufacturers need to make exclusive design according to customer requirements. Tool case style, functional design, etc. need to be tailored one-to-one. The process of customization is more complicated. To determine a complete design plan, communication between the two parties and the provision of tool templates are very important, and the design of tool bags involves design costs and other issues, so specific communication becomes even more important. Up. 2. The budget level should be set in advance. The cost of tool bags is relatively higher than that of ordinary bags. Therefore, when the customizing party understands the relevant materials from the manufacturer, it must pay attention to telling the manufacturer what stage of the budget is. So that the manufacturer recommends suitable materials according to the budget, or promptly responds to the customer whether they can produce customized tool bags within the prescribed budget. 3. The manufacturer’s minimum order quantity must be clear that most of the customer’s customized tool kits are not many. Therefore, when looking for manufacturers, many manufacturers will not take orders because of the small number of customizations. Therefore, when the customer is looking for manufacturers You must first tell the manufacturer what your approximate custom quantity is, so as not to communicate all the details, and the result is a waste of time because of the custom quantity, which is a waste of time and energy, which is not good for both parties.  Customize tool cases and bags to find manufacturers, manufacturers are worthy of choice and trustworthy. In the fifteen years since its establishment, it has been focusing on the Ru0026D, design and production of customized luggage. It not only has enough ability to customize professional tool luggage products for customers, but also develops and designs more cost-effective tool luggage for customers. Strength customized manufacturers, look for it!
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