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Trolley case custom aluminum frame trolley case

by:Huide     2021-08-17
The trolley case can be divided into aluminum frame and zipper frame trolley case from the frame. The zipper frame trolley case must be familiar to everyone, but due to the appearance of aluminum frame, everyone has differences when choosing trolley case. I will now introduce the aluminum frame trolley case.  一 The appearance of the aluminum frame trolley case  Aluminum frame is a kind of hardware material, which is linked to the entire frame of the trolley case. The general aluminum frame is used on the PC trolley case. The aluminum frame trolley case is a symbol of identity and taste. The color is colorful and the unique fashion of graffiti painting is loved by young men and women. With a metal aluminum frame, it is more elegant than a zipper frame trolley case.  二 The material of the aluminum frame trolley duffel case  The aluminum frame trolley case is relatively strong overall, not easy to deform, and protects the contents of the box from being crumpled. The aluminum frame trolley case with pure PC fabric can bear the weight of 180 kg of the human body, is pressure-resistant and not easy to break, can be used as a resting place during travel, and has strong protective measures in terms of safety. Also because of such high-quality conditions, the price is slightly more expensive than the zipper frame. The unique lock of the triple aluminum frame trolley case. The aluminum frame trolley duffel case encloses the entire aluminum frame. Therefore, the lock design of the aluminum frame trolley case is on the aluminum frame. Back. The aluminum frame trolley case uses a hardware aluminum frame, which improves the overall temperament and quality of the trolley case, making the trolley case a pioneer in the trend, and occupies an irreplaceable position in the field of luggage duffel history, and it is more important in people’s lives because of their identity and taste. It is a symbol and is slowly being widely used. Aluminum frame trolley case, is it what you want?
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