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Understand the edge modification process of manufacturing luggage parts

by:Huide     2021-05-27
The luggage is made by splicing and combining parts and components. When making luggage, it is necessary to modify the edges of the components of the luggage to better improve the overall aesthetics of the luggage. Edge modification is the basis of stitching. Therefore, learn about the edge modification process of manufacturing luggage parts here.  Luggage parts are generally decorated with dyed edges, folds, trims, piping, rims, and so on.  1, dyed edge    This method is a relatively common edge modification method. Generally, it is used on leather fabrics, and the front sewing method is used to make the edges of the bags. 2. Folding methods include straight edge folding, concave edge folding, convex edge folding, lace folding and rib folding. This method is mainly to fold the parts and components that have been cut off the edge according to the technical requirements. .  3, edging    edging This luggage manufacturing process is mainly used on large leather goods such as suitcases and bags, and the edge technology is used to make the parts of the luggage inlaid strong and firm.  4, piping    This mainly has natural-color edges and hetero-color edges, which are generally used for decoration in the front sewing method to make the appearance of the luggage more beautiful.  5. Folding the edge This method involves frosting the edges of the parts to make the edges smooth and increase the artistic design taste of the luggage. The modification of luggage components is carried out on the basis of the edge. When manufacturing luggage, the operator needs to be familiar with each process technology. If you customize the luggage, the editor here strongly recommends the customized manufacturer. Founded in 2004, the factory facilities are complete and the operation is With superb skills and a group of professional design and Ru0026D personnel, we can provide customers with complete personalized design customization services.
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