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Various standard classifications of luggage

by:Huide     2021-06-09
Standard Classification of Luggage and Bags Luggage and bags generally refer to various types of containers that can be used to hold goods and are easy to carry. At present, luggage products have been clearly classified in the International Harmonized Commodity System Code (HS). The classification of bags in the field of national quality standards is from the perspective of usage. Therefore, the current definition of luggage and bags in my country is not very consistent with the internationally accepted classification. 1. The classification of luggage and bags in the International Harmonized System Code (HS) is based on the International Harmonized System Code (HS) classification standard. The luggage products mainly correspond to 'suitcases, handbags and similar containers' (HS code is 4202), which includes There are three major categories, 14 sub-categories: (1) Plastic-woven bags, including: ① suitcases with plastic or textile materials (HS code 42021210); ② suitcases, small handbags with plastic or textile materials, etc. (HS code 42021290); ③ handbags with plastic or textile materials (HS code 42022200); ④ items placed in pockets or handbags with plastic or textile materials (HS code 42023200); ⑤ plastic sheets or textiles Other similar containers with materials as the surface (HS code 42029200); (2) Leather luggage ①Leather, reconstituted leather or patent leather suitcase (HS code 42021110); ②Leather, regenerated leather or patent leather suitcase, small Handbags, etc. (HS code 42021190); ③Handbags with leather, reclaimed leather or patent leather facing (HS code 42022100); ④ Items with leather surfaces usually placed in pockets or handbags (HS code 42023100); ⑤Leather, reclaimed leather Or other similar containers with patent leather as the surface (HS code 42029100); (3) Bags made of other fabrics ① Suitcases, suitcases, small handbags with other materials as the surface (HS code 42021900); ② Handbags with other materials as the surface ( HS code 42022900); ③Other materials used as noodles are usually placed in pockets or handbags (HS code 42023900); ④Other similar containers with other materials as noodles (HS code 42029900). 2. The classification of luggage and bags in the national economic statistics is based on the latest 'National Economic Industry Classification' national standard (GB/T 4754-2002) that has been implemented since 2002. In my country's national economic industry classification, the luggage industry mainly refers to the use of leather as a material The luggage manufacturing companies in China are divided into two categories, namely 'leather case manufacturing' (industry classification code C1924) and 'leather bag manufacturing' (industry classification code C1925). 3. The classification of 'bags' in the current national standards. There is no standard that directly corresponds to luggage products in the national quality standards of our country. Only the 'bags' are mentioned in 'Adhesives for Shoes and Bags' (GB 19340-2003). In the industry standards, the 'bags' involved in the current leather industry standards are listed in the 'leather goods' category, mainly referring to travel bags and various backpacks. There are 6 types of luggage related to the classification: (1) Briefcase (QB/T 1332-91); (2) Backpack (QB/T 1333-2004); (3) Household suitcase (QB/T 1585) -92); (4) wallet (QB/T 1619-2006); (5) travel luggage (QB/T 2155-2004); (6) briefcase (QB/T 2277-96). This information is compiled and released by the Backpack Customization Center
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