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Welfare luggage customization should be as early as possible

by:Huide     2021-09-10
As soon as the National Day holiday is over, the end of the year is not far away. At the end of the year, many companies express their gratitude to their employees for a year of hard work. They will customize some welfare gifts to their employees, and customized bags are given as employee welfare gifts. One of the ways that is welcomed by all parties. The manufacturer is here to remind everyone that the customization of welfare bags at the end of the year should be as early as possible, so as not to delay things, let's learn about it together. After the National Day, October is about to halfway, and luggage customization requires a certain period of time. In addition, many luggage processing factories are preparing for Double Eleven recently. Therefore, for customers who have customized welfare luggage needs, customized benefits For luggage, it is necessary to be as early as possible to avoid delays in delivery due to the full list of luggage factories. Luggage customization is actually a process of meticulous workmanship. From design, material selection, out-of-standard, to mass production, each process of a luggage is completed by workers. Once the entire process is completed, it will take almost twenty days. It will be like this for more than a month, so, just in case, if the employee welfare bags are customized at the end of the year, they can be put on the agenda now.   The company customizes welfare bags for employees. Firstly, the bags are more practical. Secondly, the customized bags can be printed with the company LOGO. When employees use the bags, they can also be seen by others and play a publicity role.

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