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What are the backpack custom logo USES the way

by:Huide     2020-07-02

usually, in the process of backpack custom customer all hope with your company logo and propaganda. As more and more, of course, the pursuit of corporate image, some enterprise VI design is more complex, need to use more sophisticated technology to achieve high difficulty, the small make up today will give you bags manufacturer can use to several different printing way.

1。 Watermark watermark way way is because only the elastic mucilage printing medium is water, usually textiles and backpack manufacturers use, the more the name is also called the printing. Printing of the water-based glue and paste mixed together. After the completion of the printing printed version does not need to use chemical solvents, can be directly flush. The printing way is characterized by good tinting strength, strong resistance and fastness and washing resistance and other characteristics, has virtually no peculiar smell.

? This kind of printing process are generally in accordance with the color of how much to charge and printing area size, but largely because of its low production cost, so the printing quotation is not too high.

2。 Thermal transfer printing this way, mostly in the finished bag printing. And there is no way in the material after printing to printing way. Or as client's logo color is too complex, with silk screen printing is bad, then adopt the way of printing.

3。 Screen printing is this backpack industry USES up a way of printing, because of its low cost and plate making cheap, with the method of printing ink, printing can be achieved are relatively simple and quick to stereo effect printing, most don't need a large printing equipment, only need to put all the material piece of tile on the chopping block printing, manual printing, dry several procedures can be.

4。 Digital jet printing this way of printing in the bag manufacturer most used on children's backpack in the printing, because children backpack most need bright colors. This kind of digital color printing way because, all is done by machinery and equipment, printing efficiency is very high, suitable for short time and the number of big bag. The printing fee standards are in accordance with the area of charge, so making large area chart costs are relatively high. Drawback is the need to specify materials to achieve good results.

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