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What are the bags custom material most commonly used

by:Huide     2020-07-08

the problem when it comes to bags custom materials, dedicated to bags pays attention to the problem is a professional manufacturer, so the customer may not very interested. Customers are most interested in the question often is my actual can realize, we have bags can be made according to the same standards. Today, of course, is not this problem is discussed in this paper. We still say bags commonly used materials.

bags custom also a lot of kinds, we today to pick one of the most popular common kinds - - - - - - - - - - - - - Backpack for customized materials. Custom backpack manufacturers there are several kinds of commonly used fabrics:

a material, canvas, canvas bags custom usually suitable for activities or promotion, be for cotton fabric itself, is soft, environmental protection material characteristic. Is characterized by low cost, with the concept of environmental protection is cheap but do not break.

2, leather materials, the material composition is the biggest artificial leather usage, and the leather material because the cost is high, wide small, decorative pattern consistency is not good, is not conducive to industrial standard cutting and production. As leather-making technology improved, the pattern of good quality leather is various, wide grain unified, wear-resisting degree, soft degree is not less than leather, and the cost is much lower than real leather. Usually on the backpack with artificial leather is more this kind of material.

three materials, Oxford cloth, this kind of material is inside the backpack with most of the materials. Need a little more than words to elaborate. First Oxford cloth for weave density is different, the most commonly used is 600 d and 1680 d material. No matter how many D Oxford cloth have a common a bit, is very wear-resisting, suitable for repeated use of the backpack for a long time. Backpack bag, computer bag, business bag in the custom and toolkits, the most widely used in equipment package customization, are also uphold the abrasion resistance of Oxford.

with the development of the fabric production technology now derived varieties are more abundant, such as do the waterproof layer of Oxford have waterproof function suitable for outdoor, and so on and so forth for the rainy season, made of fire protection layer of Oxford cloth is more suitable for special environment tool backpack, such as military backpack custom or mining equipment.

for the material of backpack to customize, no matter what kind of material are ultimately choose according to backpack performance and usage requirements, only suitable is the best.

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