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What are the categories of backpack customization

by:Huide     2021-04-21
For luggage manufacturers, customers who have custom backpack needs come from all walks of life. Different industries have different needs for customized backpack categories. Today, the manufacturers will sort out what types of custom backpack are available. Let’s understand together.  1. Business backpack customization  Customers of this kind of backpack are many, and there are companies of all sizes. The number of customizations is also uneven. Since it is very convenient for office workers to go to get off work with business backpacks and take subways, this kind of business backpacks has always been popular. There are basically two main directions for enterprises to customize this kind of backpack. One is to distribute to employees as a welfare, and the other is to distribute event gifts or conference gifts to guests. 2. Tool equipment backpack customization. The scope of use is more niche. Customized backpacks are manufacturers of professional equipment and production in various aspects. In order to design reasonable tailor-made special backpacks for their own production equipment or tools, the purpose is to provide The convenience brought by consumers also improves the image of the product.  3. Musical instrument storage backpack    This kind of non-backpack is customized differently from other backpacks. Most of them are made of hard materials to protect musical instruments worth tens of thousands of yuan. Companies that can customize this kind of backpack are musical instrument manufacturers or clubs and other companies looking for manufacturers to customize.  4. Camera custom backpack   This is a backpack that is only used by professional cameras, and it is ultimately used by photography enthusiasts. You will often see those thick and square backpacks that look like business backpacks on the street, especially backpacks with a tripod on the side. These are camera backpacks. The internal structure is very different from ordinary backpacks. All kinds of activity grids occupy the space of the entire backpack and are used for some accessories or components such as cameras or lenses. 

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