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What are the characteristics of toolkit customization

by:Huide     2021-06-01
Toolbag customization is still very popular in the luggage industry, and there are differences between toolkit customization and other types of luggage customization in terms of workmanship, craftsmanship and use. Therefore, today I will tell you about tools. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of package customization.  1. The use scenarios of toolkits are different.    The companies that can customize toolkits or tool backpacks are often tool manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, or medical equipment companies, which means that the purchasers are basically industrial production units. And the purchase of tool kits is to achieve the effective storage of production tools and the portable use of operating tools. The functional requirements of the tool kit are extremely strong. The tool kit is required not only to be beautiful, but also to shoulder the arduous mission of enhancing the added value of the product.  2. The quality of the tool kit is better. The first requirement of tool kit customization is that it must be shockproof, strong and wear-resistant. As the name suggests, the tool kit is used to install tools. Then the toolkit's protection of tools is a very important assessment indicator. Often the tools contained in the toolkit are expensive or very important, so it is inevitable that the toolkit must be anti-collision, strong and wear-resistant during the customization process. Even the tool kits customized by some military enterprises require high-strength requirements such as a 20-meter drop test or a 30-kilogram load-bearing test. The purpose is to protect the tools in the kit.  3. True personalized customization    Toolkit customization is completely personalized customization, because each company produces different tools, so the requirements for toolkits are completely different. As a result, toolkit customization can hardly find two roughly the same toolkits. This is completely different from the types of luggage.   Choose a tool kit manufacturer, the first choice. Founded in 2004, it has a long-term cooperative relationship with Fortune 500 companies. It has served the United States Kehui medical kit, PLA military camouflage medical kit, Yitikang medical kit and so on.
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