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What are the common accessories for backpacks

by:Huide     2021-04-20
In the production process of the backpack, there are many accessories to be used. Although these accessories are auxiliary, they are indispensable for the overall molding of the backpack. Sometimes, the quality of the accessories is directly related to The quality of the backpack. Today, the editor will tell you what are the commonly used accessories for backpacks, let's get to know them together.  1, zipper    Zipper is a connecting piece that relies on the continuous arrangement of chain teeth to merge or separate items. The more famous zippers include YKK and YBS. High-end backpacks generally use YKK zippers. The quality of a backpack has a great relationship with the zipper. If the quality of the zipper is not good, the backpack will be very annoying to use. 2. Webbing webbing is generally divided into two types: Nylon and Poly. Nylon's webbing is of good quality and soft to the touch, but the cost is relatively high. Usually only high-end backpacks use it. Poly webbing is more common. Most backpacks use Poly. Webbing.  3, buckle    backpack buckles are generally divided into buckles (also known as side buckles), day buckles, ladder buckles, hook buckles, rope buckles, and there are some more special purpose buckles.  4. Foam    On the backpack, foam plays a decisive role. Commonly used are PU cotton and PE cotton. PU sponge is the sponge we often talk about. It has many holes, is very light and soft, and is generally used close to the user's body. PE cotton is a kind of plastic foam material with many small bubbles in the middle, which can maintain a certain shape, and is generally used to support the shape of the backpack.   A brief introduction about the common accessories of backpacks is like this.
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