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What are the common classifications of tool bag customization

by:Huide     2021-05-30
Tool case customization is mainly to protect the safety of tools and provide portable services for the staff who use the tools. Different tools are suitable for different tool cases. Basically, tool cases are customized according to the shape and characteristics of the tool. It's not that it's suitable to just buy a tool bag in the market. Today, the manufacturer will take everyone to learn about the common classifications of tool bag customization.  1. Portable tool bag    The weight and volume of the portable tool bag are not very large. Generally, it is necessary to ensure that the tool box is full of tools and can be carried by an adult, which is more portable. If it contains valuable tools, this kind of tool bag customization must ensure that it is anti-fall and anti-collision, and the internal cushioning force is sufficient. The purpose is of course to protect the safety of the tools. After all, a set of valuable tools is expensive. 2. Knapsack Tool Bags Knapsack Tool Bags are also a type favored by customers. They can be divided into two types: single-shoulder and double-shoulder. The size and weight of single-shoulder tool bags are not very large, otherwise Can't afford it on shoulders. The tool bag carried on both shoulders is more convenient for outdoor work and can free your hands to do other things. The load-bearing capacity of the tool bag carried on both shoulders is relatively much better. However, in order to facilitate storage and protect the safety of tools, the tool bag carried on both shoulders generally has The storage compartment, and the structure of the double shoulder tool bag is relatively more complicated.   The above is the common classification of tool cases analyzed by manufacturers, and I hope to help you customize your tool cases. If you have any questions you don't understand about toolbox customization, please consult online, and we will answer it wholeheartedly for you.
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