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What are the commonly used materials for backpack customization?

by:Huide     2021-06-01
What are the commonly used materials for custom backpack? Business backpacks are designed for business people and are suitable for workplace or business leisure. Generally, they can be divided into business computer bags, business trolley travel bags, business backpacks, business handbags, etc. When it comes to business custom backpack, the first thing to pay attention to is what material to choose for business backpacks, because this is related to the grade and appearance of business backpacks. In general, what are the commonly used materials for custom backpack? Let's take a look together. The first type is leather material. The leather we are talking about is generally made of animal skin. Common leather materials include cowhide, goat skin, pig skin, crocodile skin, python skin, etc. Of course, cowhide is mostly used. The texture is relatively good. Naturally, the quality of the backpack is very good, and it looks very high-grade, but in terms of cost, the price of leather backpack is very high. On the other hand, the leather material is not environmentally friendly, so ordinary business backpacks choose this It's not much backpack customization. The second type is PU leather, which is synthetic leather. The price of synthetic leather is low, and the appearance and feel of the leather after processing is generally good, so it is very popular with men’s friends and is very suitable for popular men’s business backpack fabrics. Alternative. The third type is nylon material. As a business backpack, it is generally required to be waterproof and wear-resistant. The nylon material has this characteristic. As the leader of the fabric, the nylon material is also light and breathable. Therefore, the business backpack on the market uses nylon material. In many cases, nylon material is often used to make sports or outdoor handbags and backpacks. The fourth type is canvas material. Compared with leather material, canvas material can make a variety of shapes. Most leisure handbags are made of this material. Canvas can be modified by printing, painting and embroidery to make the bag more Beauty, at the same time, its styles are also diverse, women will choose more backpacks for cross-body customization.
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