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What are the commonly used materials for custom business bags

by:Huide     2021-06-23
As the name suggests, business bags are specially designed for business people. Most of the current business bags are universal, suitable for business occasions or daily leisure occasions. Most business bags have simple styles and powerful functions inside. Therefore, Business bags are also popular among business people. Today, the editor will tell you what are the commonly used materials for custom business bags, let's learn about it together.  1, leather   Leather is the most commonly used material for high-end handbags, especially cowhide.   cowhide: cowhide is subdivided into the first layer of cowhide, two-layer cowhide, buffalo cowhide, calf cowhide, bark skin, etc. The first layer of cowhide is selected from the top layer of cowhide. This kind of cowhide has tight internal fibrous structure and fine pores; the second layer of cowhide is made by smashing the leftovers in the cowhide and adding PU, PVP, etc., and then re-bonding it. The texture characteristics are not as good as the first layer of cowhide.  Sheepskin: Sheepskin is also subdivided into goatskin and sheepskin. Usually, goatskin is used to make bags or shoes; and sheepskin is used to make clothing. Goat skin is characterized by neatly arranged skin patterns and tight and soft to the touch; sheep skin is characterized by clear and beautiful skin patterns and a soft touch.   In addition to cowhide and sheepskin, the commonly used leather materials for men's bags include pigskin, crocodile skin, ostrich skin, python skin and so on.  2, PU leather    PU leather is also called synthetic leather or artificial leather. This material is not made of real leather, but is made of synthetic resin, chemical fiber, etc. After PU leather is processed, its appearance and feel can be comparable to real leather.  3. Canvas    Canvas material can make a variety of shapes than leather material, and most of all kinds of leisure handbags are made of this material. Canvas can be modified through printing, painting and embroidery to make the surface of the bag more beautiful.  4, nylon    nylon is a high-grade composite chemical fiber material, its breathability, lightness, abrasion resistance and water resistance are very good; therefore nylon is often used to make sports or outdoor handbags. For customized business bags, just look for manufacturers! Not only have large-scale factories, professional designers, and top operating technicians, but also have more than ten years of experience in customizing luggage and bags, and have a certain degree in the field of custom-made men’s business briefcases. Popularity, therefore, custom-made men’s business briefcases are the first choice for customized manufacturers!
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