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What are the commonly used outdoor backpack types?

by:Huide     2021-05-25
The editor below recommends several types of outdoor' target='_blank'>backpacks for everyone: 1: Mountaineering bags: two types: one is a large backpack with a volume between 50-80 liters at home; the other is a small backpack with a volume between 20-35 liters. Also called 'Assault Pack'. Large mountaineering bags are mainly used to transport mountaineering supplies during mountaineering, and small backpacks are generally used to climb or assault the summit at high altitudes in a calm manner. The backpack for mountaineering is designed to cope with extreme environments. It is exquisitely made and unique. The body is generally thin and long. The back of the bag is designed according to the natural curve of the human body. This type of bag is waterproof, so it will not leak even in heavy rain. In addition, mountaineering bags are widely used in other adventure sports (such as rafting, crossing the desert, etc.) and long-distance trips in addition to mountaineering. 2. Travel bag: The big travel bag is similar to the mountaineering bag but the shape of the body is different. The front of the travel bag can be fully opened by the zipper, which is very convenient for taking things, unlike the mountaineering bag, which usually puts items into the bag from the top cover of the bag. inside. There are many types of small travel bags, so you must choose a comfortable one, not just the appearance. 3. Bicycle special bag: divided into two types: bag type and backpack type. The bag can be carried on your back, or you can hang the bag on the front handle or rear shelf of the bicycle. The backpack type is mainly used for bicycle trips that require high-speed cycling. The bicycle bag is equipped with a reflective light bar to ensure safety when riding at night.

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