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What are the differences between spot backpacks and custom backpacks

by:Huide     2021-07-25
Spot backpacks and custom backpacks, literally understand that one is a spot backpack and the other is a backpack that needs to be customized. There are similarities and differences between the two. Today, the manufacturer will give you a brief introduction to spot backpacks and custom backpacks. What are the differences, let's learn about them together.  1. Personalized difference    Customized backpacks are highly personalized, and spot backpacks are fixed. Customized backpacks can be customized according to customer needs. Customers can choose from backpack fabrics, colors, styles, sizes, logo printing technology, etc., and the personalized customization effect is relatively strong. The spot backpack is produced for the convenience of small batch customers. The style, fabric, color, size, etc. of the spot backpack cannot be modified. The logo printing technology generally only has two kinds of laser and screen printing. Basically, the spot backpack The possibility of change is small and relatively single. 2. Price difference For the same style of backpack, the customized price is relatively lower than the stock price, because if the backpack is customized, the minimum order quantity is placed there. If there is no certain quantity, the manufacturer will not take orders and customize to save production costs. For backpacks, manufacturers are mainly for small profits but quick turnover. There is no minimum order quantity requirement for stock backpacks. Even if you only buy one, the manufacturer will take the order. If there is no certain quantity, the production cost will be relatively high, and the price will naturally rise. As an example, the stock backpacks are mainly produced and customized to respond to the urgent needs of customers and the small number of customizations. They are all selected high-quality materials and strictly control the production quality. It is not the unsold inventory that everyone is worried about. Backpacks such as goods or quality problems, the quality of stock backpacks are leveraged. If the purchaser is not at ease, he can also send samples to the customer to verify the quality first. If you feel that there is no problem, it is no problem for you to place an order for purchase.  Dear friends who want to know more about the stock backpack details, please add business (Miss Li) WeChat 13509667217 for more details, we are always waiting for you online!
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