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What are the factors influencing the quality of the custom knapsack

by:Huide     2020-07-29

nowadays in the world of bags.com/backpacks' target='_blank'>backpack is also are ling lang see everywhere, want to choose a good backpack custom also really carefully choose a good backpack manufacturers. Because good bag manufacturer able to provide you with not only the goods and collateral some service. In the case of you or luggage industry layman want to customize a backpack, so manufacturers can be very professional at least give you some common sense, from the view to avoid your little detours in the customization process. Let d league bags for you to share what are custom backpack to note:

first, backpacks inclusions: inclusion a mainly divided into the main ingredient, ingredients, front ( Before the film) And after picture ( After the film) Outside, inside pockets, pockets, LIDS and other major parts. In custom bags before production of the first step is to collect makings, will pack all the main ingredients of this procurement, cutting, sewing. The fabrics of inclusions is the biggest problem, is also a custom backpack main component of the backpack product effect is mainly reflected on the fabric, after all, it is part of the directly displayed. So use the same fabric of different models or the same manufacturer, to pack difference is very big. General speaking backpack often use Oxford cloth fabrics, also have use nylon fabrics, also have use cotton fabrics. Just said Oxford cloth fabric, x2 from 2 to 3 x3 density can find hundreds of different pattern and color, so a backpack made effect is very good, the pure manufacturer from the fabric choice has had a lot of kung fu. Of course, as a custom bags of party b need not trouble to you, find a good manufacturer is enough. Order problems will appear in factory will one by one to communicate with you, will avoid some unnecessary loss.

second, backpacks straps:

in the backpack on the shoulder belt is an important part of, not only have played an important role in mount to the body, can also carry weight. With the progress of production technology, now of the backpack straps most has the effect such as air permeability, enquiring, beautiful, and even some design also have receive and links. Materials used for shoulder straps Oxford cloth, mesh cloth, high quality sponge, packet sideband, ribbon or leather and some plastic or metal parts accessories. If the straps customize too short, then back up and pack of CARDS will be up to your chest, that is a kind of feeling is very uncomfortable, the serious influence is beautiful and double back. In order to avoid this problem occurred in the process of production straps don't usually shorter than the height of backpacks, even slightly longer, even some backpacks to long straps designed curve type, in order to increase the length do not affect beautiful. And its matching ribbon is generally not less than 70 cm. This is a reasonable shoulder straps.

the third, backpack zipper:

backpack zipper is composed of three parts, zipper, pull head and, on the opposite side of the zipper is nylon material (commonly The density of this area but also quality is good or bad) , in the middle of the main points 'teeth' zipper teeth and two metal teeth, so how to identify a zipper is good or bad? First, look at with and without zipper teeth fall off, Fine point) ; Second, pull the pull head a few times repeatedly, feeling the pull head and zipper cohesion is smooth; Third, tighten zipper, bending zipper, as part of the for crack in bending parts ( Zipper teeth) The quality is good, no cracks; Fourth, the bridging gaps between pull and pull head, if the gap is bigger, easy to take off the crack between pull and pull head! After all pull card is fixed to the head. A good backpack zipper generally 2 - may be used 3 years all have no problem, but the poor quality of the zipper is easy to a problem, such as channeling problem such as tooth, cover cloth, empty. If so, planting zipper not using a few years, if the use of a backpack zipper is broken a few days, the basic will only see the fate of the trash can. So good backpack would never use this kind of zipper, is that of inclusions and working procedure of indifference and waste.

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