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What are the factors that affect the quality of backpack customization?

by:Huide     2021-06-03
What are the factors that affect the quality of custom backpack? The schoolbag customization manufacturer tells everyone that if you want to customize the backpack, you need to think about choosing a backpack manufacturer. Good luggage manufacturers can not only provide you with goods, but also provide some services that take into account the coherence. Let you avoid some detours in the customization process. The schoolbag customization manufacturers will tell you what are the factors that affect the quality when customizing the backpack. I hope to help you. 1. Backpack body The backpack body is mainly composed of main materials, ingredients, front panel (front panel), back panel (back panel), inner pocket, outer pocket, cap and other main parts. The fabric of the bag body is the biggest problem, and it is also the main component of the customized backpack. The finished effect of the backpack is mainly reflected in the fabric, after all, it is directly displayed. Generally speaking, backpacks are usually made of Oxford fabric, nylon fabric, or cotton fabric. For example, Oxford cloth fabrics can be selected from the density, and hundreds of different patterns and colors can be found. If a backpack is made to work well, it means that the manufacturer has made a lot of effort to customize the schoolbag from the fabric selection. 2. Backpack shoulder strap The shoulder strap of the backpack is a very important part. It not only concentrates the items that you usually carry around, but also can carry the weight. With the advancement of production technology, most of the shoulder straps now have the functions of ventilation, lightening, and beauty, and even some designs also have the function of storage and linking. The materials used for the shoulder straps are mostly Oxford cloth, mesh cloth, high-quality sponge, edging belt, webbing or leather, and some plastic or hardware accessories. If the shoulder straps are too short, the buckle part of the backpack will rush to the chest when the backpack is back. It is a very uncomfortable feeling, which will seriously affect the beauty and the experience of the double back. In order to avoid this problem, the shoulder strap during the production process is generally not shorter than the height of the backpack, or even slightly longer, some backpacks need to design the long shoulder strap into a curved shape, in order to increase the length without affecting the aesthetics of the schoolbag customization manufacturers. 3. Backpack zipper The zipper of the backpack is composed of three parts, the zipper, the slider and the card. The two sides of the zipper are generally made of nylon, and the zipper teeth in the middle are mainly divided into two types: rubber teeth and metal teeth. Identify the quality of a zipper, see if the teeth of the zipper fall off, and pull the slider several times to feel whether the connection between the slider and the zipper is smooth. Bend a part of the zipper firmly, looking for cracks in the bent part. Look at the joint gap between the pull card and the slider. If the gap is large, the pull card and the slider will easily break apart. Poor quality zippers are prone to problems, such as teeth shifting, cloth covering, and emptying. Therefore, a good backpack will never be used. It is a custom manufacturer who ignores and wastes the package body and process. 4. Backpack hardware Backpack hardware is generally divided into two types of iron wire and alloy according to the material. The specific identification can be distinguished by a magnet. The iron wire can be tightly attracted, and the alloy is not tight. The hardware of alloy material is more exquisite than the hardware of iron wire in terms of the effect of craftsmanship. The iron wire appears rougher, and the alloy is a bit more expensive than the iron wire. The hardware of some backpacks rusted before long time, and the surface skin layer began to fall off, which directly affected the appearance of the backpack. This is the reason why no oil is added during hardware production. Hardware without oil sealing is easy to oxidize and rust, and the surface material of the hardware after oil sealing is not easy to oxidize with air. Hardware plays a finishing touch, and a good quality backpack will not be matched with a poor hardware schoolbag custom manufacturer.
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