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What are the options for custom logo printing for student schoolbags?

by:Huide     2021-09-27
In order to enhance the brand image of the school, many schools will find professional schoolbag factories to customize schoolbags for students. When students are burdened with schoolbags uniformly distributed by the school, the overall image quality of the school can be improved by more than a little bit. When it comes to student schoolbag customization, what kind of logo printing process can be used to print the school logo on the schoolbag to better reflect the school characteristics? What are the options for student schoolbag customization logo printing? Today the manufacturer will give you a brief explanation.  1, hot stamping    hot stamping, also known as embossing, is to hot or hot emboss the corresponding pattern on the product. This method is suitable for printing on paper, leather and other materials. This method can print color LOGO or monochrome LOGO. 2. Screen printing Screen printing is a printing process commonly used in the industry. Because of its low cost of plate making and printing, and good printing effect, it is popular in the market. The ink printing method of screen printing does not require the aid of large-scale equipment. , Only need to spread all the materials on the printing chopping board, print by hand, and finish after drying, which is very simple and fast.  3, digital printing  This printing method is completed by machinery and equipment, using digital color inkjet, printing efficiency is very high, suitable for short construction period and large number of schoolbag customization. Digital printing is generally charged according to the area, so the cost of making large-area maps is relatively high. However, the advantages of digital printing, such as rich colors, flexible and efficient, convenient and fast, and no minimum order quantity, are unmatched by other printing methods.  4. Weaving and embroidery    Weaving and embroidery are often referred to as embroidery techniques, but modern society uses machines instead of production. The patterns displayed by the weaving and embroidery techniques are very delicate, colorful, and have a smooth surface, which is particularly beautiful. The price of weaving and embroidery will be determined by the density of stitches and the difficulty of weaving and embroidery of pattern information. 5. Thermal transfer printing Thermal transfer printing is abbreviated as thermal transfer printing. It mainly uses special transfer printing paper or transfer printing film to print patterns first, and then transfer printing to the substrate. Thermal transfer printing mainly includes thermal transfer printing and sublimation. Thermal transfer printing, deinking thermal transfer printing, flocking thermal transfer printing, thermal transfer printing, etc. Thermal transfer has the characteristics of wide application range, bright colors, clear patterns, soft hand feeling, non-fading, strong firmness, washing resistance, etc., and is suitable for mass production. It is also a printing process that is currently welcomed by the market.   There are many kinds of custom logo printing processes for student schoolbags, and each process has its own characteristics, so I won’t introduce them one by one here. If you want to know more about the printing process of customized logo for student schoolbags, please click on the consultation online customer service at any time, and we will be happy to answer your questions.
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