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What are the parsing the backpack custom materials

by:Huide     2020-06-25

in the backpack customization is done with what materials, what are the characteristics respectively, which is suitable for the backpack and production process. To analyze this question we must first from the backpack type, backpack into ms backpack, computer bags, business bags, leisure bags, there are many different kinds of sports backpack, outdoor travel bags, etc. Backpack manufacturers today small make up take you to understand the main computer bag or custom in business bag material.

fabrics: backpack custom fabric with Oxford cloth is given priority to, more material strictly speaking should be polyester and nylon material, of course, there are individual use canvas, Oxford or directly use high-grade canvas. But said Oxford cloth fabric weave and grain is divided into d - 600 2250 d grain density, but computer backpack with business bags custom is most commonly used for the 600 d and 1680 d Oxford cloth Oxford cloth. A custom tool backpack will use a larger grain 2250 d fabric, purpose is to achieve high wear-resisting, texture clear visual hale and hearty. In business bag custom 800 d and 900 d Oxford cloth most will be used as auxiliary joining together in front of the pack in xujiaweizi, purpose, there are two a backpack is out this way of making custom very have administrative levels feeling, another purpose is to use sophisticated technology to increase backpack imitation is difficult.

material: in the used materials are mostly of the backpack custom, Oxford cloth, ordinary custom are using polyester Oxford cloth, if the cost is not sensitive to the customer can use nylon Oxford cloth. In the material and fabric is obvious difference in the material are much thinner than fabric out. The density of the majority is d - 200 300 d, if use the nylon material can be without glue will not reel off raw silk from cocoons. If computer bag is a custom that must consider the degree of soft fabric, ensure material in contact with the computer or tablet can't wear computer for a long time. Also some frequently thousands of yuan backpack used more home in nylon with a surface layer of soft material, the purpose is to protect computers and tablets from the wear and tear.

pull head and zipper, zipper pull head of backpack custom important material, defective goods will pull zipper head has serious damage to the backpack, if the defective goods to pull zipper head will be serious consequences is that zipper tooth or open after the pull head deformation caused before. As we pursue the principle of custom manufacturer backpack was not appear this kind of circumstance. So in the computer in the backpack and business bags custom must use good quality zipper head, if the customer have higher requirements, then use YKK brand pull zipper head directly.

computer bag pulling head models commonly used mainly 3 - zipper Metal plastic zipper head, 8 main pull zipper is more than the number 5, in use of 3 more. Of course, there are individual in a backpack main zipper head with 12. It depends on the function and design idea.

hardware: usually used in computer bag and backpack custom business hardware, such as corns, metal or aluminum handle, metal socket, or a metal plate. Up to see is the bag made from metal sign a corporate logo.

accessories, accessories, including a lot of, but can give everybody respectively, such as pin, days buckle, usb cable, ribbon, sponge, back glue paper, sponge, leather, elastic, mesh cloth, sandwich mesh cloth, and so on, each kind of material has different processing technology, with different product model, if it is a complicated business bag may also beyond the scope, so the limited length cannot give details

I hope the above introduction can give you is looking for a backpack custom made substantial help in engineering.

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