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What are the precautions for custom-made shoulder kits?

by:Huide     2021-07-26
Customized tool bag styles are hand-held, double-shouldered and single-shouldered. These common styles can be carried with you. However, in the face of different tools, you must choose the style of customized kits. You can understand each before making customization. The advantages and disadvantages of the style of the tool bag, if you want to make a one-shoulder tool bag, what are the precautions for custom-made one-shoulder tool bag? Anyone who has carried a shoulder bag knows that a shoulder bag is a kind of casual lightweight backpack, which has a small storage capacity but is also practical. Therefore, custom-made shoulder kits are more suitable for gadgets and are also convenient for activities. If the one-shoulder toolkit is customized, you can add some materials to the design, add the company's brand and corporate image color, etc., and only need to design according to the content of the tool in the storage. The material of custom-made shoulder tool bags should choose nylon material/oxford cloth above 600D. Their sturdiness and abrasion resistance are strong in the fabric industry, and they feel indestructible. As for how thick nylon is more suitable for your tools, It can be determined according to the sharpness and weight of the tool. If there are too many sharp tools, it is generally recommended to choose 1680D material. In addition, custom-made shoulder bag kits are also very important for the selection of shoulder straps. The shoulder straps should be thick and resistant to tearing, with strong bearing capacity, and the reinforcement points at both ends of the shoulder strap should be pulled for inspection to prevent disconnection and cracking. The slider and logo are designed according to their own customized styles.
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