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What are the reasons for the manufacturer’s consideration of the minimum order quantity of luggage

by:Huide     2021-07-25
Today, when personalized luggage customization is more popular, many luggage manufacturers have relevant regulations on the customer’s minimum order quantity when receiving orders. If the minimum order quantity is not met, the manufacturers will basically not take orders. For this, there are Many customers have questions, why do manufacturers have to specify the minimum order quantity? Next, the editor will give you answers to the reasons for the manufacturers to consider the minimum order quantity of luggage. Let's understand it together. 1. Cost factors Cost issues are the most important reason for the manufacturers to specify the MOQ. Next, the manufacturer has to prepare proofing, the purchase of fabrics and accessories, the production of bulk goods, etc., during the period, the procedures and processes are very complicated, even if it is customized. The quantity is relatively small, but the time and energy spent did not decrease as the quantity decreased. In comparison, the overall production cost of the manufacturer is not cost-effective. Therefore, the manufacturer will choose not to accept the order considering the cost. 2. The production arrangement of the factory. In order to save costs and improve production efficiency, the luggage factory basically adopts an assembly line production model. A' target='_blank'>backpack can only be produced after dozens or even hundreds of processes. If the number of customizations is very small, it will not be possible. Water streamline production is not only difficult to match factory production, but the cost will also be wasted. 3. Avoiding waste. Avoiding waste is also based on the consideration of production costs. If the number of customizations is not high, the waste of fabrics is very large. You must know that the purchase of fabrics is one size by one size, and at least how many fabrics can be made per size. Ten backpacks, and different customers have different choices of fabrics. If the number of customizations is small, the fabrics will only be bought for a few bags. The remaining fabrics may not be used in the future, which is a waste . Therefore, in order to avoid fabric waste, manufacturers will set a minimum order quantity to save costs. It is a professional luggage manufacturer focusing on luggage OEM and ODM for more than ten years. It has been committed to the OEM and ODM of luggage products, providing professional personalized customization services, and can design customized styles according to customer requirements, change materials or colors, and control production Cost, tailor-made luggage products that meet their own needs for customers!
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