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What are the recommendations for year-end employee welfare gifts of about 100 yuan

by:Huide     2021-08-31
Year-end employee welfare gifts are one of the highlights of a company's year-end. Employees are very much looking forward to it, and they all look forward to what kind of gifts the company can give this year. When it comes to year-end employee benefits, every company has a corresponding budget limit. It is not easy to choose gifts that satisfy leaders and employees within a limited budget. Today, the manufacturer will tell you what are the recommendations for year-end employee welfare gifts of around 100 yuan.  1. Customized business backpack    business backpack is still very practical for professionals. Daily travel and commute storage of laptops, documents, personal belongings, etc., business backpacks are very good workplace storage experts. The company customizes an exclusive business backpack for employees. Employees use a unified backpack at work, which helps to enhance the overall image of the company. The customized backpack is representative and to a certain extent the corporate brand image On behalf of the company, giving gifts with company characteristics to employees is also a recognition of their identity, which helps employees strengthen their sense of identity and belonging to the company, and work together for the development of the company.  2. Customized suitcase    The year-end gifts are sent to employees at the end of the year. The end of the year is approaching the Spring Festival holiday. It will not take long for the employees to pack their luggage and go home for the Spring Festival. Then, luggage must be used for packing. Some employees usually buy luggage online because of too much luggage at this time. The most important thing to give gifts is practicality. Therefore, when companies are choosing employees’ year-end gifts, they can send customized suitcases to employees. Gifts that meet the actual needs of employees will definitely be well received. Moreover, the customized suitcase can also print the corporate LOGO on the obvious position of the suitcase, which not only can bring corporate pride to employees, but also has a good publicity effect.   No matter what the company's year-end employee welfare gifts are given, it must be based on the employees' preferences and actual use needs. Gifts that meet the above two requirements can be given to employees and can achieve the gifting effect the company wants. Customized backpacks or suitcases are gifts that are highly popular in daily life and have high demand for actual use. If you choose such gifts to give to employees, I believe you can't go wrong. 
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