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What are the requirements for customized travel packages for travel agencies?

by:Huide     2021-08-03
Personalized luggage customization is becoming more and more popular. You can customize the style and text you want according to your own needs. It can not only reflect the characteristics of the company, but also play a role in promoting the brand, and has been favored by many companies. In the travel industry, all travel agencies pay attention to customizing fashionable travel bags that can express their own characteristics for customers, so it is very common for travel agencies to customize travel bags. So, what are the requirements for customized travel packages for travel agencies?    What are the requirements for customized travel packages for travel agencies?    First, determine the number of travel packages. Most luggage custom factories have a minimum order quantity requirement. If the minimum order quantity is not reached, the factory will usually not take orders. At the same time, the factory's quotation depends on the quantity. The more the number of customized travel bags, the more favorable the price.  Second, know the positioning and budget of the travel bag. Different fabrics or different sizes of travel bags will result in different prices. To clarify the positioning and budget of the travel bag, you can ask the luggage customization factory to choose the right fabric and the right size according to the budget, and even give more suggestions.   Third, clarify the customization requirements of travel bags. When communicating with the luggage customization factory, you should put forward the customization requirements of the travel bag, such as functional requirements, style requirements, design requirements, etc., and inform the factory of these customization requirements, so that the quotation will be more accurate.  Travel agency customized travel bags, focusing on luggage duffel customization business for 12 years, has a professional design and production team, rich production experience, good at customizing personalized and creative travel bags for each travel agency, and providing the most suitable travel bag formulation plan.
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