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What are the strengths of luggage manufacturers

by:Huide     2021-09-05
For those who have the need for customized luggage, it is very important to find a luggage manufacturer with strong strength and good reputation. So, how can we know the production strength of luggage manufacturers? What are the strengths of Guangzhou luggage duffel manufacturers? Today, the manufacturers will take everyone to understand.  1. Does the luggage manufacturer have a professional design and pattern-making team?    Although Guangzhou is a well-known large-scale luggage wholesale production and customization center, there are many various luggage manufacturers, but there are not many manufacturers that can have a professional design and pattern-making team. The strength of the pattern design team is one of the important parts of the strength of the luggage duffel manufacturer. The maintenance cost of the professional pattern design team is relatively high. If the luggage manufacturer does not have certain capabilities, it is impossible to develop a professional The design and pattern-making team. In addition, luggage customization tests the strength of manufacturers from style design, material selection, pattern making, sewing, etc., luggage products produced by luggage manufacturers with good proofing capabilities can be recognized and liked by customers, and how proofing capabilities are directly reflected The professionalism of the luggage manufacturer, so if you want to see how strong the manufacturer is, it is most practical to let the manufacturer make a sample directly. 2. What is the production scale of a luggage manufacturer? The production scale of a luggage manufacturer is a manifestation of a manufacturer's production strength. If you want to know the true strength of a luggage manufacturer, you can conduct a field inspection to see how the manufacturer's production line, production equipment, number of workers, etc. are If you have an understanding of the real production environment of the factory, you can hand over the orders to the factory with confidence. 3. Word-of-mouth of luggage manufacturers In the Internet era, it is easier to inquire about relevant information. A strong manufacturer will have relevant word-of-mouth descriptions and some previous customized case introductions on the Internet. Customer cases can directly reflect the strength of the manufacturer. From these The information can roughly understand the strength of the manufacturer, which is helpful to distinguish the strength of the luggage manufacturer.

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