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What are the types of custom logos for computer bags?

by:Huide     2021-05-11
Personalized customization is a popular trend in the market today, and computer bag customization in gifts has also become one of the popular customization services. Computer bag customization is a gift customization service that companies love. It can print company-designated patterns, text and brand characteristics on computer bags. The computer bag custom logo is the company's favorite printing method.   There are two benefits of customized logo computer bags for enterprises. The first is to capture the hearts of employees, and the second is to vigorously promote the corporate brand. Both of these usually require a lot of cost, especially the latter. A customized logo for a computer bag is a logo that directly reflects the characteristics of a company. It designs the company’s brand logo in different processes and prints it in combination with the design characteristics of the computer bag itself. What types of computer bag customized logos are there?  1 .Voltage logo. The voltage is when the printed surface is in contact with the luggage, the dot expansion is minimal, the word line is clear, no double printing is spread, all the text images are printed, no leakage is the best, and the depth of the pressed material should not exceed 0.3mm. The voltage bumps are distinct, elegant and stylish, and it belongs to the monochromatic logo process.   2. Offset printing logo. Offset printing is a rubber stamp printing process that uses a piece of rubber to transfer the ink on the template. The printing speed is fast, the process and labor are reduced, the printing yield is high, and the production efficiency of luggage is greatly improved. Generally, it can be thermally transferred on nylon cloth, polyester, cotton, TC cloth and other fabrics. PU, PVC, EVA are also supported.   3. Hardware brand logo. The hardware plate is the metal mold-opening process in the mold-opening logo. It is gorgeous and high-grade, but it takes longer and the price is higher. The hardware logo can be disassembled later, so many computer bag manufacturers will choose the hardware logo for the stock, which is convenient for customers to achieve personalized customization characteristics when they choose the stock.  Customized logo computer bag should choose a computer bag manufacturer with professional customized plan planning ability and a complete series of customized process services, and I believe that you will be satisfied. Founded in 2004, it has been committed to customizing corporate luggage and gifts for more than ten years. There are thousands of computer backpacks for you to choose, and they can also be customized for you according to your ideas. Everything changes only for you.
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