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What are the types of outdoor backpacks?

What are the types of outdoor backpacks?


Nowadays, there are more and more people who love outdoor activities. Exciting outdoor activities such as camping, climbing, hiking and crossing are also becoming more and more popular. If you want to participate in outdoor activities, the necessary equipment to carry is essential. Choose A good backpack is often the first step in preparing for an outdoor event. Next, the editor of Huide Bags & Backpacks will introduce you to the types of outdoor backpacks, let's understand together.

There are many outdoor backpacks on the market. If you divide them by size, they are nothing more than big bags (45-above), medium bags (35-45L), and small bags (below 30L), but if you divide them according to the function of the backpack, there are the following Several types:

outdoor backpacks

5 types of outdoor backpacks

1. Extreme Adventure Backpack

This kind of backpack is generally used for extreme mountaineering expeditions and long treks. The backpack has high carrying strength, strong bearing capacity, rich plug-in points, rich craftsmanship, and special attention to functionality. It is a high-strength and professional outdoor sport Preferred.

2. Hiking backpack

It is mainly used for long-distance hiking or long-distance travel. It has strong carrying support and a simple and light body design. If it is reproduced internally, it is more inclined to be stored in categories. It is suitable for general camping and crossing activities.

3. Climbing backpack

Designed for professional or amateur rock climbing and ice climbing. In order not to affect climbing, the soft back design is usually adopted, and the fabric has strong tensile and abrasion resistance. It is specially equipped with a fixed crampon and climbing rope device. The external hanging is rich, which is convenient for hanging equipment, and some styles are also equipped with a mat for finishing equipment. .

4. Cycling backpack

Switched to a cycling sport design, the cycling speed is relatively fast, so the backpack should be balanced and light. The design of these backpacks is generally exquisite and compact, with bright colors and strong functionality. The body of the backpack basically needs to be reflective. Device, bag can hold a series of cycling items such as water bottle and helmet.

5. Outdoor leisure backpack

Everyday outdoor leisure backpacks pay attention to leisure, and appearance value is also very important. It is best to match with daily clothing. The function is not high, and it can basically be equipped with personal belongings. Shopping on weekends and holidays, climbing in the suburbs, back A small bag with a classic design, carrying some common items with you, is also a pleasant enjoyment.

The functionality of outdoor backpacks is more important. If you feel that shopping for outdoor backpacks is unsatisfactory, then it is better to try to personalize outdoor backpacks and customize them according to your specific outdoor project activities, tailored to be more practical and unique.

The difference between a cycling backpack and a backpack

The cycling backpack, as the name suggests, is a backpack designed for cycling. The bag is characterized by its lightness and small size, and a mesh-shaped back system support on the back to facilitate ventilation and heat dissipation.

Backpack is a general term for backpacks that are carried on the shoulders. According to the different uses of the shoulder bag, it is divided into a shoulder computer backpack, a shoulder sports backpack, a shoulder casual backpack, a shoulder bag and a drawstring bag, a military backpack, a mountaineering bag and so on. According to the different materials, it will become canvas bag, Oxford cloth bag, nylon cloth bag.

Custom backpack size specifications

In fact, there is no size standard for backpacks, but there are different sizes. The size and specifications of backpacks for different purposes are often different. When choosing a custom backpack, size specifications are an important consideration. If the size is too large or too small, it will affect the use. Therefore, you should choose the appropriate size according to the actual use.

Under normal circumstances, the backpack size has several most critical dimensions, such as the width and length of the bottom of the backpack and the height of the backpack, as well as the size of the sandwich inside the backpack lining. In addition, the size of the backpack is often expressed in terms of capacity. Common backpacks have a capacity of 30L, 40L, 50L and 60L, and daily use of about 40L is sufficient. If you use it for a long journey, it is best to choose a backpack with a length of more than 60L.

It is worth noting that airlines have size requirements for carry-on backpacks, and must meet the boardable size before they can be brought on board. However, the implementation standards of various airlines are different now, but if the backpack exceeds the ruler standard, it needs to be checked. Generally speaking, the length, width and height of the backpack should not exceed 55CM (21 inches), 40CM (15 inches) and 20CM (7 inches), and the capacity should not exceed 44L, which is basically within the allowable range of boarding.

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