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What are the typical features of single and double shoulder multi-function laptop backpack custom

by:Huide     2020-07-27

a single and double shoulder bags custom what are new characteristics, today let small make up in kind to show you and analyze it. Below to introduce a TUCANO soto cano backpack, not only beautiful and easy, business, or a business to receive help. Whether short work, or travel use, is a super great masters.

this backpack TUCANO from milan, Italy, since 1985 to become the Apple Apple brand loyalists, such as computer, etc. And quickly became one of Europe's best-selling computer bag product brand.

this is super light, 800 d Oxford double color fabrics production, with volume backpack backpack always weighs only about a third of the material is used of Trinidad and Tobago dragon waterproof nylon polyester Oxford cloth fabric, filled with buffer layer using special encryption PE cotton sponge paper, not only air can heat dissipation, shockproof moistureproof function both. Adopt multi-function humanized design, can be portable, single shoulder to shoulder, shoulder straps of hidden, package design for more than independent power bag, small PDA, digital camera bags, accessories such as bags, key hook provides a variety of storage space.

this single and double shoulder multi-function laptop bag has three positive to receive packages, can put pen, keys, card case, charger and other sundry. Between two big big pocket zipper are two core, still can be placed not only can put a laptop notebook and envelope to a folder. Another gives it can be to carry the function, can have it open said go go trip.

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