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What are the ways to customize the side of the backpack

by:Huide     2021-09-25
What are the ways to customize the edging of the backpack? Today, I have nothing to do. Let’s talk about the crafting methods of the edging of the customized backpack. In the process, the high car has always played the leading role, but there are different car methods for different fabrics. Today we are here to talk briefly with you. The first method is what we mentioned earlier. The hemming is completed with a tall car. Here we want to say that when the buried pocket is thicker and harder or there are more corners, it can better reflect the advantages of the tall car, because the high The car is a customized backpack that can be operated in the air. The second case is for the hemming of thinner fabrics. For example, the hemming between the linings may need to be completed with a flat car. The operation method is to make a flat car tube and fix it on the operating table with screws. The operation is the same as normal sewing. The limitation of flat car hemming is that it cannot be cornered. It may not be very easy to operate when the fabric is thicker, because if it is too thick, the car can't move the custom backpack.
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