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What are this backpack custom price

by:Huide     2020-07-15

when you want to find a backpack backpack when custom manufacturer, first ask the first question is how much custom backpack prices? This determines the time backpack will continue to customize, or it will offer manufacturers, or determine the backpack custom what should do the cost budget. But often you'll run into this problem, you just ask custom to backpack manufacturer price, backpack manufacturers returned to ask a bunch of questions, and what kind of backpack custom? How much do you customize? Have a sample? Because of these factors will determine the price of backpack custom, today small make up analysis will give you exactly what are the factors affect the price of backpack.

first, backpack custom design: backpack style is varied, every kind of backpack has a different material, different approaches and processing procedures. When make different material price must be different, and there are some practice and technology of the backpack is difficult, moved to backpack custom belongs to labor-intensive job, so consume craft cost are different. Then for example custom a similar decathlon simple single backpack, socialized with the cost of materials in a few yuan. And customize a similar samsonite backpack shoulders commerce, complex degree is quite high, even if abandon the cost of materials manufacturer only sell a socialized cost will scare away a lot of customers.

second, backpack custom number: this is a lot of customers don't understand things. Why you are looking for manufacturer to customize basically backpack will tell you if the quantity is very few manufacturer on quantitative is how many? Because backpack custom manufacturer of material is on the upstream of the material supply, if the quantity is too little material discharge is a serious problem. In the case of the number and the quantitative you must adhere to the custom, then only collect makings link on material prices for support and cooperation units. Custom number in more quantitative, there is no problem, manufacturers from material purchasing raw material without obstacles. This kind of situation can normal accounting backpack custom price.

the third, is there any sample, as customer want to sample customized backpack if you hand not only one design, the problem comes. You must need the factory to cooperate, in accordance with the drawings and proofing, and then to production. But the factory without any details under the condition of using materials and detail design, the customer will put forward amendments to proofing again and again. As manufacturers edition division at public expense is high, the cost of amortization will, of course, to make price.

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