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What aspects should be paid attention to when ordering a waist bag

by:Huide     2021-04-11
Custom-made waist bags are used in many promotional activities, and the cost control in promotional activities can also be started from the waist bags. Use promotional gifts to achieve appropriate effects. What aspects should be paid attention to when custom-made waist bags? 1. Material selection for custom-made waist bags To make a good promotion, the appearance of custom-made waist bags is very important. The material is one of the key points. It must not be cheap, but it is not expensive. Choose 600D nylon material or more, the material is strong and wear-resistant, and the appearance is eye-catching. 2. Craft design of custom-made waist bag The craft design of custom-made waist bag requires small thread ends and tight sewing. This requires a good manufacturer and has nothing to do with the cost of process design. So where can we save money on process design fees? As a promotional gift, the waist bag looks good and someone wants it, so we can reduce the grid and metal accessories to improve the functionality. It is simple but the material is real. 3. Selection of accessories for custom-made waist bags. The important thing for custom-made waist bags is the waistband, which can be made of the same material as the body, reducing the cost of other materials and making the material more favorable. In addition, we can choose the slider and zipper freely, which is based on the style and style you want.
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