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What bags custom category for enterprises

by:Huide     2020-07-24

of course for handbag factory, bags custom is a is a broad scope, not only can produce bags, rod box production, production to receive a package, package equipment customization, such as production tool kit bag product category. But today we want to analyze from the customer perspective which bags custom category is more appropriate for different situations using different enterprises. This topic is a little noise, we subdivided from promotion and gift promotion, ground perspective.

promotional use bag must first consider the cost, consider the promotion products and the actual sales of the product cost ratio. So most promotional enterprises is the consumer category, such as unilever, Pepsi, wang ji, globe trekker and so on consumer brand products, so this kind of product enterprise suitable bags there are several, is usually use for a long time of bags, rod shopping bags, fashion casual backpack, daily receive arrange box, outdoor backpack, etc.

another type: yes, it is called to push sales promotions, north first-tier cities of guangzhou, the Internet enterprise vigorous development, the representative of the drops, 58 market, the worship, etc. Many needs to be their own brands and services quickly retreated about public perception and use, often in order to achieve this goal will use a lot of people on the ground, at that time also not avoid on-site interaction and gift. Are free to receive way, also or buy. Although is a gift to keep tall on the image of the brand, is suitable for the bags have 18 to this scenario 20-inch ABS rod box, backpack or fashion design, considering cost saving enterprise slogan, also can do the most practical is hand canvas bag, non-woven products and so on.

meeting gift gift with employees, this is to belong to the formal as gift bags to gift to others, enterprises need most is to present the participants' positive feedback can be received after, is not complete painstaking? After all is presented that the enterprise's budget must be more objective than sales promotion. This time is the most suitable for delicate computer bag, rod boxes, business bag, etc.

as well as product packaging, such as medical equipment appearance not only need to turn with AYe equipment package to the customer, so it can still fit fully customized, because there won't be the same in the two products is not fool equipment package.

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