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What brand of elementary school schoolbags are of good quality?

by:Huide     2021-09-18
What brand of elementary school schoolbags are of good quality? This problem plagues many parents whose children are about to go to elementary school. Most elementary school schoolbags are purchased by parents themselves, and there are so many kinds of schoolbags on the market, and it is easy to pick up when there are more choices. I don’t know which brand of elementary school schoolbags is better? On this question, let’s listen to what the manufacturers say. !    What brand of elementary school schoolbags are of good quality? The key is to learn how to judge the quality of schoolbags. Some schoolbags look beautiful, but after use, a lot of problems arise. Therefore, you want to know which brand of elementary school schoolbags are of good quality. , First of all, we must compare. 1. Pay attention to whether the material and fabric of the elementary school schoolbags is light. Now the schoolbags of primary school students carry a heavy weight, and they have to carry a pile of books and homework every day. It is not suitable for elementary school students, so as not to add weight. For example, the Japanese 'Angel Wings' schoolbag, which was very popular before, was often criticized for being too heavy, saying that it was not good for children's physical development. 2. Pay attention to whether the primary school schoolbag fabric is wear-resistant and durable. Primary school schoolbags carry heavy loads. Therefore, not only lightweight fabrics, but also strong and durable fabrics are needed. Common nylon, polyester and other fabrics are more durable, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant than leather fabrics. . Some leather schoolbags that look tall and tall, although their styles are very promising, they are not as durable as cloth fabrics.  3. Pay attention to the design of schoolbag styles in elementary school.   Primary school students are in the stage of growing their bodies. Any defective design may affect the growth and development of children. Therefore, when choosing a schoolbag, you should choose a backpack with ridge protection function and wide shoulder straps. Anyone who has carried the bag knows that the small shoulder straps can be put on the back, and the wide shoulder straps can effectively disperse. After the schoolbag is loaded, it puts pressure on the shoulders, which makes the carrying easier, comfortable and healthy, and helps to protect the health of the students. 4. The space design of schoolbags should be reasonable. Now children need to bring textbooks, but also small items such as water bottles and paper towels. Therefore, the space design of schoolbags should be reasonable, with basic functional compartments and classified storage bags. It helps to sort the items for storage, convenient access, and a schoolbag with a reasonable storage design is also helpful for children to develop a good habit of sorting and storing. 5. Pay attention to the quality of the schoolbag sewing process. The quality of the schoolbag sewing process is directly related to the quality of the schoolbag. The workmanship of a well-crafted schoolbag must be very delicate, with dense stitches, uniform routing, no thread and burrs, and all stress points All stitches are stitched multiple times with stitches to make the force-bearing position firm and durable.   The brand schoolbags currently on the market have their own characteristics. Parents can choose elementary school schoolbags based on the above points. No matter which brand schoolbags basically meet the above requirements, the quality will not be much worse.
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