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What details should be paid attention to when customizing waist bags

by:Huide     2021-05-29
Waistbags are niche luggage products, and they also need to be customized. Small waistbags need fine craftsmanship, so personalized custom-made waistbags are not so simple. If you want to pursue quality and stylish waist bags, what details should be paid attention to when customizing waist bags?   1. Customized style waist bag Customized style is determined by the style material, style design and craftsmanship of the customized effect of the overall waist bag. You can choose leather belt bag, nylon belt bag and canvas belt bag from the material of the belt bag. Among them, the nylon belt bag belongs to the high-end, simple appearance, strong and waterproof material. It is a belt bag style that can be made into business styles and suitable for leisure activities. It is a corporate style. The best material choice for the waist bag for gifts.  2. Custom-made waist belt for waist bag     Custom-made waist belt for waist bag is the key design point to bear the weight of the entire waist bag, so the selected waist belt must have strong bearing capacity and high softness. For the design of the waistband, it is best to choose a stretchable waistband. If its length can be adjusted, the length of the waistband can be controlled freely, so that it can adapt to people of each body shape.  3. Custom-made storage for waist bags         Most people who use waist bags want to be able to carry their belongings together, so the storage functions in the bag should be complete, such as mobile phones, certificates, bank cards and other items. Therefore, the space inside the pocket should be able to hold these small items. And there is a cigarette pouch design, which is convenient for men who smoke to carry cigarettes. If you don’t smoke, you can put a facial tissue. When there is sweat, you can take it out to wipe off the sweat on your body. It is more convenient to take it outside than inside.   Although the cost of a customized waist bag is small, the people's standards for him are very delicate. Therefore, when a company chooses a customized waist bag, it should clarify the above three customization details and make a highly praised corporate waist bag gift.
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