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What details should be paid attention to when making a waist bag?

by:Huide     2021-05-29
A suitable pocket to store cameras, mobile phones, sunscreen, and men’s cigarettes, lighters, etc. at will. A small waist bag also has a lot of knowledge. When customizing a waist bag, you must pay attention to the following details to make the best waist bag correctly.  1: Fabric and wear resistance are the most basic requirements for sports backpacks. Only in this way can the backpack withstand the test of outdoor branches, sharp stones, etc., without being broken. The technical design of custom-made belt bags requires small thread ends and tight sewing. This requires a good manufacturer and has nothing to do with technical design fees. So where can we save money on technical design fees? As a promotional gift, the waist bag looks beautiful and someone wants it, so we can have fewer grids and fewer metal accessories for functional perfection, but it is simple but true in terms of raw materials. 2: Rainproof performance, the weather may be unexpected, no one can say when it will rain outdoors, so sports backpack fabrics should be coated with PU or PVC. The backpacks that have been treated in this way have a better waterproof effect. It can prevent the items in the backpack from getting wet by unexpected rain.  3: Fasteners, fasteners are very important parts in the backpack. The waist belt and shoulder straps are all connected through it. A good fastener requires sturdiness, durability, aging resistance, and good ductility and low temperature resistance.  4: Adjustable structure: A good sports backpack shoulder strap and waist belt can be adjusted to achieve a more comfortable state. The belt can be made of the same material as the bag body, reducing the cost of other materials, and giving the material a little more discount.
What are the styles of the customized waist bag?
Belt-bag customization is generally a niche demand, but the styles of waist-bags are indeed endless. Various types of waist-bags allow companies to customize logo-marked waist-bags not to be afraid of 'bumping'. Then, what styles are there to choose from? 1. Vertical belt bag design Vertical belt bag design, with fixed shoulder strap and detachable shoulder strap design, pursue depth in storage, materials generally include nylon, pu and leather, vertical belt bag generally stores IPAD, books And so on, the design of the front panel will also adopt the classification function design, which is suitable for outing use. 2. Horizontal waist bag design The horizontal waist bag design is also two styles of fixed shoulder strap and detachable. The width is pursued in storage. Generally, it is mostly one-layered, and the storage capacity is small; some of them can be changed into front bags and cameras in terms of function. Bags, etc., but the functional requirements are more abundant than ordinary waist bags. The above two waist bag designs have their own advantages in terms of storage function and style design, so that they can be widely used by the public. Customizing the above two waist bag styles is always displayed in promotional hypermarkets and employee benefits all the year round.
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