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What equipment package customization production considerations

by:Huide     2020-06-27

for bags custom manufacturers equipment package customization production has its unique characteristics, to customize the package equipment customers most is medical science and technology, communications, electronic equipment, analytical instruments, such as production units, equipment package customization or backpack customization mode is used to achieve the purpose of protection for equipment or equipment portable. Usually this kind of equipment package customization and general backpack custom has some features are different, then bags custom manufacturers small make up today for these features for you to look at the equipment package customization in what matters needing attention.

a, equipment package customization is sturdy and reliable premise condition

equipment package in the custom is not the basic requirement is sturdy and durable. May everyone also is easy to understand, since it is tailor backpack for equipment, be used in a variety of different environment, even the poor working environment. Like instruments must be used in underground coal mine gas analysis, individual communication backpack must be used for field use and so on, for the customized package equipment can't do without a good protection. After all, the value of these devices is often tens of hundreds of thousands of yuan, there are no reliable protection problems losses will be great. Especially repeated use can lead to severe environment equipment package material fatigue aging problems, such as that on select material material must be strictly controlled, even the use of material price to adopt some special material, sometimes even material price than ordinary material price 5 - market Seven times. Sewing process also need to tie a variety of reinforcement can achieve foolproof. The experience also fell, friction, pulling test, etc. Only such rigorous treatment equipment package custom to give customers a reliable quality assurance.

2, equipment package custom can't hinder the use function

equipment package in the custom is different from ordinary backpack and one more thing, is made according to the different equipment used in the process of character customization. GPS communication equipment such as the need to accept a backpack production process using rivet, metal parts and metal zipper head must pay attention to not prevent equipment receiving signals, such as an air analysis equipment backpack in the custom again it is important to note that the reserved air flow and air inlet, and even the battery replacement hole, etc. More than a small handheld device package custom must pay attention to the precise fabrication, not because of the size tolerance or error cause influence function such as the keyboard screen effect. Heavy equipment can even dozens of kilograms in the backpack custom manufacture must pay attention to your shoulders firmly and adjustable degrees, the waist belt comfort.

three beautiful, package equipment customization is relative rather than absolute requirements

equipment package custom is not pay attention to beautiful, just need to meet all the equipment can use function under the premise of considering the beautiful. That is beautiful and must be the second or the third consideration factors. How, after all, some bizarre equipment in the device package of beautiful fluctuation kongfu does not necessarily have good results. Naturally huge even some facilities and equipment backpack can not be proportionate to the human body coordination, haven't you will be able to judge the birth of horizontal pass it is impossible to grow his appearance. Of course there are also many small size equipment, before the equipment package customization through a design of the design engineer, will indeed equipment and equipment package perfect union.

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