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What fabric is good for kindergarten schoolbag customization?

by:Huide     2021-09-14
In order to promote the brand image of their own kindergartens and cultivate students' sense of group, most kindergartens give students customized school bags. When it comes to the customization of kindergarten schoolbags, why can't I skip a topic, that is, what kind of fabrics are good for kindergarten schoolbag customization? Which fabric is more suitable for customizing kindergarten schoolbags? Today, I will take you to learn about some commonly used fabrics. After reading it, you may have the answer!   1. Nylon fabric Nylon fabric has the characteristics of light weight, good waterproof performance, abrasion resistance and scratch resistance, high strength and toughness. Some kindergarten school bags, sports backpacks, business backpacks, etc., are currently on the market. You can see the figure of nylon fabric, which is very widely used. 2. Polyester fabric Polyester fabric is also a kind of conventional fabric that is widely used. It has the advantages of durability, anti-wrinkle, non-ironing, waterproof, lightweight, good shape retention, and non-fading. It is also a very good choice for custom-made kindergarten school bags. High cost performance, it is a kind of fabric favored by the market. 3. Leather fabrics. Leather materials are also one of the conventional fabrics. According to different sources, leather fabrics can be divided into natural leather, artificial leather, and recycled leather. Natural leather has scarce raw materials, high price, poor water resistance, and fine maintenance. It is generally used in some high-end products. Among the bag products, the price of artificial leather and recycled leather is much lower than that of natural leather. It has good water resistance but poor wear resistance. If this material is used for kindergarten school bags, although it looks high-end, it is not strong enough and durable enough. , The capacity rots, and more importantly, the schoolbag made of leather fabric is heavier, not as light as the cloth material, and the schoolbags of small and thin kindergarten children carry a heavier burden. The Japanese 'Angel Wings' that were popular before Schoolbags are often criticized because they are too heavy, saying that they are not good for children's physical development. Therefore, leather fabrics are not suitable for custom-made kindergarten schoolbags.  After reading the above introduction, now you know what fabrics are used for the kindergarten schoolbag customization!
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