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What fabric is waterproof for the soft trolley case?

by:Huide     2021-06-17
Luggages can be found in the corners around you. Carrying and trolley styles are the ways to use luggage. Carrying is always common, while trolley styles are always commonly used when traveling. cases are divided into hard cases and soft cases, and the soft cases are divided into canvas, nylon, polyester and leather. What fabric is the soft trolley case waterproof?    What fabric is the soft trolley case waterproof? The most common soft trolley case on the market is mainly nylon. The nylon trolley case itself is strong and durable, wear-resistant and highly plastic. It is the most durable material among cloth materials. Is it waterproof? The higher the density of nylon, the more durable it is. It is not waterproof, but due to the superiority of its own material. It can be printed with waterproof coating, so it gives the nylon trolley duffel case waterproof effect. However, it should be noted that only pure nylon trolley cases on the market have such superior conditions. Generally, the soft trolley case is selected to store more things, so the plasticity of the nylon trolley case is selected to meet the physical increase of storage, and because of the sturdiness of the material itself, the service life of the trolley case is longer than that of other trolley cases. long. Therefore, the best choice for soft case waterproof trolley case is nylon trolley case.
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