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What fabric options are available for custom men's backpacks?

by:Huide     2021-06-12
Men's backpacks are either casual or business, or solid colors or colorful. In the 21st century, where fashion and individuality are pursued, men's backpacks are becoming more and more diverse, but the requirements for materials are still in order. This is also the choice for companies to customize men's shoulders. One of the important factors of the bag, what fabric options are there for custom men's backpacks? 1. Canvas Men's canvas backpacks are cheap and affordable in cost, so the design pursues fashion and individuality, so that the entire canvas bag ignores the material due to the design, and the personalized canvas bag is more in line with the aesthetic standards of today's young people. If you customize canvas men's backpacks, please pay attention to choosing a bag manufacturer with a creative design team to help you capture the hearts of customers at low cost. 2. Nylon/Polyester Nylon backpack is characterized by 'qualityHowever, compared with canvas, it lacks a sense of civilians, and does not have the randomness of a canvas bag. Nylon backpacks pursue quality, and their styles are always “pure tones”. Therefore, his market is stable for “business people”. As long as a little bit of contrast is added, business people can become active and fashionable. Durable, he is more suitable for business people who “squeeze on technology”, even if they carry their own laptops, mobile phones, and ipads, they will not break their nylon backpacks. 3. The men's backpack made of genuine leather/pu leather can embody an original noble beauty, even if it is PU made of imitation leather. PU backpack can shape the noble beauty of environmental protection, which is also a kind of propaganda for enterprises, and PU can also dominate the business and leisure industries, but it is very particular about maintenance, not to mention leather. What fabric options are available for custom men's backpacks? The above three types of fabrics are the original form of common men's backpacks, and companies can choose according to the objects of the backpacks, corporate philosophy and corporate image. If it is a canvas bag, it will highlight innovation, polyester will highlight lightness, and nylon will highlight texture, while leather pursues nobility, and PU can highlight the environmental awareness of enterprises in the new era.
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