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What is a good fabric for backpack customization

by:Huide     2021-05-31
: Backpack design customization. The early style design is a test of the real strength of the manufacturer’s design team. The designer must not only fully clarify the customization requirements of the custom party, but also design the overall backpack according to the needs, such as the style and shape of the backpack. Design, color matching, inner functional bag design, back width style design, backpack zipper hardware accessories selection, etc. All these require professional designers to tailor them according to customer needs in order to make a design that satisfies customers. Is the higher the D number of backpack custom fabrics, the better: When customizing backpacks, we often encounter customers who directly ask the manufacturer to quote how many D fabrics, such as 210D polyester, 840D double-strand nylon, 1680D Oxford cloth, etc., those who know how to If you know what type of backpack should use the D-number fabric, if you don't know how to do it, then you have to ask the backpack manufacturer to recommend the appropriate D-number fabric according to the needs of the custom party. So, for custom backpack, the higher the fabric D number, the better? Regarding this question, today the luggage manufacturer will give you an answer. To answer the above questions, you must first have a specific understanding of what the D number in the fabric means. In the backpack fabric, D is the abbreviation of Denier, also known as denier or denier. It refers to the fiber's fineness unit, which is the weight of a 9000-meter-long fiber in grams under a given moisture regain. For example, if the fiber weight of 9000 meters is 1 gram, it is 1 denier (that is, 1D). If the weight of fiber filaments of 9000 meters is 600 grams, it is 600D. To accurately distinguish, you need to calculate Du003d9000*weight (gram)/length ( Meter). When the density of the fiber is constant, the larger the denier, the thicker the fiber. Is the higher the D number of the backpack custom fabric, the better? From the appearance of the fabric, the larger the D number, the thicker the fiber, the thicker and stronger the finished fabric. On the contrary, the smaller the D number, the finer the fiber and the more finished fabric. Light and thin. Although the larger the D number of the fabric, the stronger it is, but the fabric D number is customized for backpacks. The higher the fabric D number, the better. The key is to choose the appropriate D number fabric according to the appearance of the backpack, the use of the backpack and the use of the fabric. Like some ordinary styles of daily backpacks, the main materials are mostly 300D, 420D, 600D and above denier fabrics. The finished backpacks have a delicate appearance and texture, light weight, strong and durable functions. The inner fabrics of backpacks are mostly made of fabrics with relatively small deniers such as 150D and 210D, which are lighter, thinner, softer, and more suitable for backpack inner fabrics than fabrics with larger deniers. However, if it is a custom-made outdoor tool backpack, because the outdoor tool backpack has higher requirements for the load-bearing capacity and durability of the fabric, fabrics with high denier are more suitable. For example, 1680D fabric is one of the commonly used fabrics for custom tool backpacks. The fabric has a lower load-bearing capacity, better wear resistance and durability, and is more suitable for outdoor tool bags and backpacks. Therefore, backpack customization does not mean that the higher the D number of the fabric, the better. It depends on whether the fabric is suitable! The D number of the fabric is different, and the performance, scope of application, price, etc. are different. The luggage factory is in the custom backpack process In general, the appropriate D number of fabrics is recommended according to customer requirements and budget. If you still don’t understand, you can consult the luggage customer service online.
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