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What is the bag folding process?

by:Huide     2021-07-06
Wrinkles are one of the common expression elements in the design and production of luggage. With the fashion and quality of people's lives, more and more luggage designers use wrinkle design to show the artistic and practical functions of luggage duffel modeling. folds have a variety of modeling expressions such as flower style, organ style and dumpling style. The crafting methods of various folds are different. They can be roughly divided into single folds, touch folds, back folds, through folds, and dead folds. Six types of crafts such as rubber bands. The process performance of wrinkles is usually affected by various elements such as bag fabric and texture, bag style and wrinkle spacing.   In luggage design, the commonly used wrinkle crafts can be divided into six types: single pleats, bumps, back pleats, through pleats, dead pleats and rubber bands. Different types of pleats have different production methods.  1. Single fold   Single fold is a fold formed by folding 3 fold positions adjacent to each other in one direction. The single pleat production method is to make 3 pleats at adjacent intervals on the edge of the fabric, and then use the middle pleat as the central axis to fold from one pleat position to the other pleat position, and 2 pleats on both sides The layers are stacked to form a fold.  2. 倀 倀 倀 倀倀 is to make 2 folds in the same position. The two folds meet each other in opposite directions. The pleating process is to make 2 single pleats in opposite directions.  3. Back folds    Back folds are two folds in the same position at the same time, in opposite directions, and a certain distance is formed between the two folds. The production method of bumping process is to make 2 single pleats in the opposite direction.  4. Tong fold    back folds are the edge folds at the same fold position line up and down or left and right, and fold together at the same time, which can be continuous in the same direction, or in different or opposite directions.  5. Dead folds    Dead folds are part or all of the wrinkles sewn with thread and cannot move.  6. u200bu200bPull the rubber band folds The    stretch rubber band folds process is to use the elasticity of the rubber band to sew together and shrink the fabric to form a regular fold effect.  

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