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What is the difference between a customized backpack and a spot backpack?

by:Huide     2021-06-14
Friends who are familiar with the backpack industry know that according to whether the manufacturer stocks or not, backpacks can be divided into custom backpacks and spot backpacks. When there is a need to purchase backpacks, the demander of these two modes will have to choose one of them. So, what is the difference between a customized backpack and a spot backpack? Let’s talk about it today, let’s take a look!   1. The parameters of the two are available. Different customized backpacks can be paired according to the needs of the customized party. One tailor-made, the choice is very wide, including backpack style selection, fabric accessories selection, backpack size selection, logo printing process, etc., all can be customized according to the requirements of the customization party to create an exclusive personalized backpack. However, the selection of spot backpacks is not so extensive. Spot backpacks are backpacks that have been produced by manufacturers. The style, size, color, etc. of the backpack are fixed and cannot be changed. If the customer wants to buy it, print it directly The logo can be used directly. Moreover, in order to prevent overstocking, the manufacturers make spot backpacks, and there are generally not many styles of spot backpacks, so the range for everyone to choose from is small.  2, the two have different purchase quantity requirements.    For customized backpacks, most manufacturers will have relevant minimum order quantity regulations for cost-saving considerations. If the minimum order quantity is not met, the manufacturer may choose not to accept the order. On the other hand, the stock backpacks are directly placed in the warehouse by the manufacturer. As long as the customer places an order, even if they only buy one, the manufacturer can ship it to you in time. As long as the manufacturer has the goods, it is completely free from the customer's purchase quantity. 3. Price difference For the same style of backpack, the customized price is relatively lower than the stock price, because if the backpack is customized, the minimum order quantity is placed there. If there is no certain quantity, the manufacturer will not take orders to save production costs. For backpacks, manufacturers are mainly for small profits but quick turnover. There is no minimum order quantity requirement for stock backpacks. Even if you only buy one, the manufacturer will take the order. If there is no certain quantity, the production cost will be relatively higher, and the price will naturally rise. As an example, the spot backpacks are mainly produced and customized in response to the urgent needs of customers and the small number of customizations. They are all selected high-quality materials and strictly control the quality of production. It is not what everyone is worried about that they cannot be sold. Backpacks such as inventory or quality problems, and the quality of stock backpacks are leveraged. If the purchaser is not at ease, he can also send samples to the customer to verify the quality first. If you feel that there is no problem, then you can place an order for purchase.
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