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What is the difference between a mountaineering bag and a travel bag?

by:Huide     2021-05-06
Backpacks are becoming more and more popular. Many people cannot do without' target='_blank'>backpacks whether they are going to work or going out for fun. Backpacks not only facilitate our lives, but also become a trend. With the development of the backpack industry, there are more and more types of backpacks, and different backpacks often have different uses. Next, I will tell you the difference between mountaineering bags and travel bags. What is the difference between a mountaineering bag and a travel bag? Generally speaking, mountaineering bags are basically back. It is suitable for sports and has a more professional design. It can fit on the back when going up and down the mountain, thereby reducing the burden on people. The travel bag can be carried or towed, and it is mainly convenient to carry, comfortable and carry luggage. The mountaineering bag is mainly used for transporting mountaineering supplies during mountaineering. It is designed to cope with extreme environments. It pays attention to durability. Generally, the bag body is thin and long. The back of the bag is designed according to the natural curve of the human body. The pressure of the straps on the shoulders. In addition, this type of bag is waterproof, so it will not leak even in heavy rain. Travel bags are divided into sizes. Large travel bags are similar to mountaineering bags, but the shape of the bag body is different. The front of the travel bag can be fully opened with a zipper, which is very conducive to picking and placing things. Unlike mountaineering bags, which usually move from the top cover of the bag. The items are put in the bag. There are many types of small travel bags, so you must choose a comfortable one, not just the appearance.
There are standards for sewing mountaineering bags
We all know about hiking bags. In our daily life, hiking bags have a wide range of uses, and the requirements for the quality of hiking bags are much higher, because hiking bags are mainly used when people go out in the suburbs. Therefore, the quality is very strict. Nowadays, most mountaineering bags have sewing standards, the purpose is to be able to meet the quality standards. Next, our manufacturer will take a look at the sewing standard of mountaineering bags:   a. All seams are 12mm. Exceptions in special circumstances.  B. All fabric edges should be parallel to the sewing line. The spacing should be the same, and the lines should be straight. The material edge cannot be more than the zipper edge. c. When the thread breaks, retreat by 1' and re-sew.   d. The upper thread and the lower thread must be well combined, not too loose, too tight, and not loose or tight. The thread cannot be broken.   e. The sewing on the foam is 6 stitches. /1 inch, all other sewing threads are 8 needles/1 inch.   f. The stitching line needs to be 2 times, and the stitching is 3 times.   g. All oxford belts, edges, zipper ends , The end of the zipper should be roasted. Especially the beveled Oxford tape.   h. All thread ends should be removed.   I. The names of all hardware manufacturers must not be seen, and they must be placed down.   j. There should be no needle holes.
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